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 Gen. Nazarov received analytical report about terrorist ambush prior to Il-76 tragedy, - MP Semenchenko. PHOTOS

The court has started to question witnesses in the Il-76 case.

Samopomich MP Semen Semenchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The court has started to question witnesses in the Il-76 case. The plane was shot down on June 14, 2014 while landing at the Luhansk airport. 40 paratroopers and nine crew members died.

"The investigation has revealed that the command knew in advance about the ambush near the airport. Yesterday, a senior consultant of Security Service Anti-Terrorist Center (ATC) said that the information about the ambush, set up by terrorists with a man-portable air-defense system, was obtained by her after midday on June 13, 2014 (24 hours before the tragedy), included in two analytical reports, and sent to the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Staff. The interrogated ATC deputy commander said that such reports had been forwarded to two persons - Muzhenko and Nazarov. On June 13, he personally handed the analytical report to Nazarov," Semenchenko noted.

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"Gen. Nazarov, who is accused in the case, did not plead guilty. He claims he did not receive any reports and that "testimony by victims is no evidence in the case, and witnesses do not exist.

"Incumbent Chief of Staff Muzhenko says no official investigation was instituted, because he personally "did not see any violations" in the actions of Nazarov. These are militants who are to blame. Muzhenko can not recall whether he received the information about the ambush," the MP added.

"The situation is similar to that around Ilovaisk. Information about the invasion of Russian troops was communicated to Muzhenko and Co. For two days in a row (when it was still possible to command the retreat) the phones were red. The whole country and all the media were sounding the alarm. But it all was considered to be fake. They told everyone to literally f*ck off. As a result, there was an encirclement and hundreds of Ukrainian defenders died. Hundreds of others spent months in tormenting captivity. Hundreds received injuries... And only Russia's army is to blame. Why did they come?!" Semenchenko remarked.

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"Taking into account constant obstruction of the investigation into the Il-76, Ilovaisk, Debaltseve tragedies caused by the Presidential Administration, the General Staff, the Ministry of Defense, and the Military Prosecutor's Office, as well as heavy military and political effects on the country, I believe we are not dealing with an ordinary "negligence of service." This is something completely different. The exact nature of all this should be determined by decent prosecution and decent judiciary after a group of prominent Panamanian patriots is removed from power by the people of Ukraine," he concluded.

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