Dekanoidze appoints Vadym Troian her first deputy in charge of criminal police, - Advisor to Interior Minister. PHOTOS

Head of the National Police Main Directorate in the Kyiv region Vadym Troian has been appointed First Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine.

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Zorian Shkiriak wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"We have good and encouraging news to share today. My friend, associate, companion-in-arms, former National Guard's Azov Regiment Deputy Commander and Head of the National Police Main Directorate in the Kyiv region, Colonel Vadym Troian was appointed the First Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine. It is a decent and very responsible position. He will be in charge for the most difficult and important criminal division," he wrote.

"I consider this decision to be crucial, timely, and correct. Vadym has proved his efficiency, ability to make decisions, and take responsibility for the results as head of the National Police Main Directorate in the Kyiv region. Besides, he is always willing to admit mistakes frankly and openly, draw conclusions, and move forward. And the last thing is that I had the opportunity to watch Vadym Troian dealing with various difficult situations both in peaceful Ukrainian cities while performing operational missions and in places where the bullets are flying and explosions are heard. He was decently defending Ukraine in arms without hesitation in the war against the Russian-terrorist horde. He is a trustworthy man! I will be brief: he is a courageous soldier, true patriot and friend. He is the one, whom I would definitely share a foxhole with and trust him my life without hesitation. He will certainly be confronted with difficulties on this post. He has taken charge of the most important division within the National Police in hard times of renewal and reforms of the law enforcement system. People expect a significant improvement in the efficiency of the fight against crime. And this is also the additional responsibility, which now rests on the shoulders of Vadym Troian. I believe that he is able to cope with it. My sincere congratulations and best expectations! Good luck, brother! We are always nearby and will always back you. I wish you Godspeed with the new challenges and new victories! Glory to Ukraine!" Shkiriak summed up.

шкиряк троян

шкиряк троян

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