"Are you journalist or prostitute?" – Nadiia Savchenko’s sister talked to reported of story about boy “crucified” in Sloviansk. PHOTOS

After today's hearing of the case of Ukrainian pilot Nadiia Savchenko, her sister Vira approached to the representatives of the Russian media, among whom was Yulia Chumakova - the author of the outrageous story about the boy, who was allegedly "crucified" in Sloviansk, shown by Channel 1.

Censor.NET correspondent witnessed their conversation.

Vera Savchenko came to find out why Yulia Chumakova forged such stories. Chumakova tried to avoid conversation by saying: "Appeal to the press-service of the channel."

"Are you a journalist or a prostitute?" - Vira Savchenko asked.


"And what about you? Aren't you a prostitute?" Chumakova parried a question.


Savchenko: "It is you who come to our land. We do not come to yours!"

Chumakova: "Wait a second. It is you who are currently in our country!"

Savchenko: "That's right, it's because you have taken away our citizen, and we will take her back and will never..."

Chumakova (interrupting Savchenko): "We did not take your citizen!"

Savchenko: "We'll take her, and I will not return here ever again!"

Chumakova: "Take her, for God's sake. We personally are not holding her, that's for sure. We wish Nadiia well!"

Then the talk turned to different topics.

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Savchenko: "You were somehow very interested in Ukraine during [the events on] the Maidan. It was our domestic affairs."

Chumakova: "You should appeal to our politicians, why do you appeal to us?"

Savchenko: "I approached to talk to you. I wanted to hear about the fake story about the crucified boy!"

Chumakova: "And what made you think that it was a fake? Were you there? Did you see that??"

Savchenko: "In Sloviansk? Yes, I was there."

Chumakova: "At that very moment?"

Savchenko: "Yes!"

Chumakova: "Cheers!"

It should be noted that Yulia Chumakova covers Nadiia Savchenko's trial taking place in Donetsk (the Rostov region of the Russian Federation).

Later, the Ukrainian journalists witnessed Chumakova's conversation with her editor in the hallway of the court. STB TV channel journalist Aliona Lunkova wrote about it on Facebook: "That's what I've heard through the grapevine when Channel 1 journalist called the editor: "Nothing new, everything is as usual. Savchenko behaves aggressively." That's the way one should cover topics."

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