Plant belonging to Hero of Ukraine Yankovskyi sponsors 'DPR' militants, - media. PHOTOS

Stirolbiofarm Enterprise,which produces medicine and belongs to Hero of Ukraine Mykola Yankovskyi, continues to operate in militant-controlled Horlivka, the Donetsk region, and pays taxes to the so-called 'DPR budget.'

On Jan. 23, the enterprise was visited one of the 'DPR' leader Denis Pushilin, who complimented the company for making payments to the budget and noted how important the plant was for terrorists, Censor.NET reports citing Chetvertaya Vlast.

завод янковский боевики пушилин
Mykola Yankovskyi

"This enterprise's operations are important for at least two reasons. The first is that its produced medicine is important for the Donetsk and Luhansk 'people's republics.' The second is that it pays taxes to the budget. The enterprise operates and increases the market, which is very important for us," Pushilin is quoted by the official website of the 'people's council of the 'DPR'. The terrorist leader also said that the company is capable of increasing its capacity and creating more jobs.

завод янковский боевики пушилин

завод янковский боевики пушилин

Stirolbiofarm operates at the chemical plant Stirol, which used to belong to Mykola Yankovskyi. Yankovskyi sold the plant to oligarch Dmytro Firtaash in 2010, but kept the pharmacy production.

завод янковский боевики пушилин
Yankovskyi said in a 2013 interview to Gorlovka.ua:

"Stirolbiofarm is a pleasure of business for me at the moment. I love creating, so I kept the pharmaceutical business and am running it."

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Yankovskyi was awarded Hero of Ukraine title in 2003 for "outstanding personal achievements in Ukraine's chemical industry."
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