"Stray missiles:" Russian long-range bombers fail to reach ISIL's targets. PHOTOS

In recent days, the Russian Federation, under the banner of fighting terrorism, has considerably built up its military presence in Syria by deploying Tu-160, Tu-22M3, and Tu-96MS strategic long-range bombers.

InformNapalm international volunteer group has gathered the evidence of significant diversion of Russia's air strikes from declared targets as well as exposed the personal data on one of the members of Tu-160 bomber's crew involved in the Russian operation in Syria, Censor.NET reports.

Russia's Ministry of Defense and mass media continue to deceive the global community about the results of air strikes in Syria in order to get the sanctions against Russia lifted as well as to achieve success in building a coalition with the West.

InformNapalm's OSINT investigations have identified Russian bombers Tu-160 "Vladimir Sudets" (RF-94108), "Vitaly Kopylov" (RF-94115), as well as Tu-22M3 "Red 42" (RF-94142) in Syria.

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Still, the Russian air strikes are sometimes affected by a selective "inaccuracy," hitting targets not being that of the Islamic State. It is hard to say if it is done on purpose, due to outdated equipment, or a lack of crews' expertise. In particular, Russia's long-range aviation delivered an air strike in Syria on Nov. 17, 2015. According to official sources, 34 cruise missiles were fired that day. But what was the target?

One of the Kh-55 missiles "got lost" in the rural area on the North-Western outskirts of Maarrat al-Nu'man city (Idlib province). It was launched from a Tu-160 or Tu-95MS aircraft. This very attack is possibly recorded in the official video by Russia's Defense Ministry.

The remnants of the "stray" Kh-55 missile can be seen in the pictures made at the impact site, including inscriptions in Russian, etc. Just to compare, we'll show you the Kh-55 missile in pristine form.

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InformNapalm's volunteers have identified the location where the pictures were taken. Supposedly, it is in the vicinity of Maarrat al-Nu'man, see the map.

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It seems that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation does not know that Maarrat al-Nu'man is controlled by insurgents and not ISIS. It is clearly seen in the battle map that the front-line with ISIS is at least 50-60 km away, and the town is located almost in the center of a "green" rebel-held area. And this area is surrounded by the red line of the government forces in the south, south-west and east. And only then the front line with ISIS starts.

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It turns out that the Russian missile deviate in average 50 km away from the targets. Such attacks can hardly be characterized as "precise." And the declared "tests of the newest weaponry" is no reason to hit vast areas, killing civilians.

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It should be noted this is the second time when Russia has hit Maarrat al-Nu'man. On Oct. 30, 2015, Russia's fighter warplanes attacked the city, killing seven and wounding 12 residents.

Also, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has reported about dropping OFAB-250-270 bombs from Tu-223M3 aircraft on alleged ISIS tergets. But the actual targets remain unknown.

We have tracked one of Tu-169 "Vitaly Kopylov" (RF-94115) crew members - Aleksei Boldyrev from the 6950th Guards aviation base (Engels, Russia).

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He uploaded a picture in front of Tu-160 aircraft (RF-94115) in his social media profile, evidencing of his professional activity.

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