Vasyl Pisnyi was detained on suspicion of racketeering in 1995, - Nashі hroshі discloses business and crime affiliations of SBU General. PHOTOS

Journalists have gathered information about incomes, assets, and biography of Security Service General Vasyl Pisnyi, who was kicked by non-affiliated MP Volodymyr Parasiuk at a meeting of the parliamentary committee.

The Committee discussed the evidence of the non-compliance of the official's property with his incomes, Censor.NET reports citing Nashі hroshі project.

Vasyl Pisnyi has been serving in the law enforcement agencies his entire adult life. In 1983, upon demobilization from the Army, at the age of 20, Pisnyi started serving in the police. He went to extramural program of the faculty of law at the Lviv University in 1990 and engaged in business at the same time.

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Pisnyi spent five months in jail on suspicion of involvement in racketeering in 1995. According to investigators, first he extorted $5,000, then $6,000, and then $7,000 from a certain Maryna Bereza. Pisnyi had a joint "business" with her husband, a Polish citizen, in 1992-1994. They were involved in smuggling of alcohol.

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Today, Pisnyi is accused of alleged bribery, smuggling, destroying evidence, and crime affiliations. He is said to be nicknamed Antibiotic because he was able to solve any problem with the police.

Nashi Hroshi can neither confirm nor deny this information. However, the attempts to clarify Pisnyi's property status turned out to be unexpectedly fruitful. Ex-wife of Vasyl Pisnyi Olha Kostyk owns "Natalia 18" hotel in the center of Lviv, "Khyzhyna" resort in Briukhovychi with the territory exceeding 10 hectares, and the restaurant "Foros" in Lviv.

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Vasyl Pisnyi, who has been serving in the law enforcement agencies his entire life, is not officially involved in any business. He has declared a land plot of 22.5 Ares, a house of 450 square meters and Honda Crosstour of 2010 model year.

Given that Vasyl Pisnyi has not found time to talk to reporters, they had to look for his house on their own. And they found three (!) houses owned by his family.

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There is also one more property item in Briukhovychi, which is associated with Vasyl Pisnyi. The estate impresses with its size and the extent of forest destruction. It can be clearly seen on Yandex and Google maps. The left picture was taken in 2010, when the estate was still under construction. The right picture was taken in 2012, when the house was already built. The forest was ruthlessly cut not only on the private territory but also beyond.

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The prosecutor's office of Shevchenko district of Lviv "came to its senses" in 2009. The agency filed a lawsuit, as the occupied land plot was designated for the construction of medical treatment, recreation, and tourism facilities. However, the lawsuit was lost in all instances.

There is another mansion in Lviv, which is directly related to Pisnyi's former wife Olha. The forest was as well ruthlessly destroyed for its construction.

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