Russian career officer Mikhaylov from 7th tank brigade of Russian Army fighting in Donbas. PHOTOS

More and more facts are evidencing previous ‘trips’ of Russian military to Ukraine.

This was announced by the international volunteer community InformNapalm, Censor.NET reports.

Their new article contains information about the 'Ukrainian assignment' of a unit from the 7th separate armored brigade (military unit No. 89547, Central Military District, Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia). In particular, volunteers have studied evidence of Donbas trips of Dmitriy Mikhaylov (senior lieutenant in a reconnaissance unit, call sign 'Fiasco') and his subordinate Aleksey Nikitin-Davydov.

It is well-known that Russia is the world's leading supplier of the 'hybrid' terrorism - the country is involved in numerous war crimes. A lot of Russian mercenaries and entire regular army units are still arriving to Ukraine; however, the Kremlin denies this fact.

Another OSINT investigation resulted in disclosure of a new 'local tractor operator' - Dmitriy 'Fiasco' Mikhaylov, an invader, war criminal, and the Russian army's officer.

Here is some personal data of Dmitriy Mikhayilov in VKontakte social network ( profile archive, photos archive, contacts archive )

He was born in Chita, Ingodinskiy raion, Proselochny lane, 9A.
Vehicle: 'Hyundai Sonata', license plate No.:'с758НТ/174ru' (Chelyabinsk region code)
Mobile No.: '+7-8-932-477-54-89′, additional No.: '44-26-64', Skype: 'Shady3452'

армия рф оккупанты

During preparation of this story, the social profile of the war criminal D. Mikhaylov had been duly edited. All information regarding his service in the Russian army, as well as pictures from the 'Ukrainian assignment' was deleted. Dmitriy became a ' perfect family man '. But our archives are still there. It just proves that the officer's social account with the initial information is closely monitored by the Russian special forces, and their actions confirm correctness of our investigators.

армия рф оккупанты

Between Nov. 20, 2014 and Feb. 11, 2015 Mikhaylov published several speaking photos from the trip to Ukraine:

A typical 'local militant' with badges of the so-called 'Novorossiya' ( 1 ), pictures with comrades in various uniforms without any insignia ( 2, 3, 4 ), a group photo ( 4 ) labeled 'Kiev junta… we will cure you' (the condition of his face says he had not not successful in this), and a picture of a bunch of the Russian equipment ( 5 ) can be seen.

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армия рф оккупанты
In general, it is perfectly understood that these 'local miners' are in fact a whole unit of the Russian servicemen. Based on Mikhaylov's pictures, he is the commander of a reconnaissance platoon. This can be seen from the group photo with small arms coupled with optic and night sights, which are not normally used by motorized rifle units. Also the stripped vests are often worn by scouts, including ones from recon battalions of motorized and armored brigades of the Russian army.

As of August 2015, Mikhaylov was in the rank of senior lieutenant (6, 7). There is a notable picture of a BMP-2 where Mikhaylov is wearing a helmet with number '814' - the authors of the investigation assume that this is the command vehicle of a reconnaissance platoon of a recon battalion of the 7th brigade.

армия рф оккупанты

армия рф оккупанты
"Mikhaylov was trying to hide the real military unit he belonged to. He even left a 'false track' in his contact list - 'military unit No. 42123' (the 374th separate ammunition disposition company). But it was not difficult to find his actual unit - his contact list (where other career servicemen who fought in Ukraine are present) indicates that Dmitriy is an officer of the military unit No. 89547 (Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia), the same 7th armored brigade which has been already spotted in the context of 'Ukrainian assignments'. Moreover, Mikhaylov has disclosed his unit by showing tactical signs on the armored vehicles. For example, a relatively fresh photo taken on Aug. 22, 2015 shows a BTR vehicle with a 'white square in a dotted circle' ( 8) which is the designation for the unit No. 89547, with Dmitriy standing in the center wearing kaffiyeh and tactical goggles. The picture is titled "'Me' - the true scout…" In addition, we would like to note that before the 'Donbas campaign', Mikhaylov was awarded a medal 'For Return of Crimea' ( 9), which means it is not the first trip of this Russian war criminal to Ukraine," the authors of the article state.

армия рф оккупантыармия рф оккупанты

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There are also personal and family pictures, including photos of his car with the license No. 'с758НТ', region code '174' (Chelaybinsk Oblast) ( 10, 11 ) among Milhaylov's images. His old cadet pictures are also there. It seems that he started his career as a marine cadet, but after graduating from a military university Dmitriy transferred to ground forces ( 12, 13, 14 ).

армия рф оккупанты

армия рф оккупанты
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армия рф оккупантыармия рф оккупантыармия рф оккупанты

"We should separately mention Mikhaylov's follower - Aleksei Nikitin ( profile archive, photo archive, contact archive ), the scout and 'veteran' of the same unit, whose real name is A. Davydov (as written on the badge on one of his pictures 15, 16 ).

армия рф оккупанты

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армия рф оккупанты армия рф оккупанты

"In addition to the photos above, we found a noteworthy set of slides in Nikitin-Davydov's photo album:

· a picture of him in a uniform without insignia uploaded on Feb. 20, 2015 ( 17), supposedly right before the Debaltseve operation;

· a photo of him wearing a 'Novorossiya' badge from February 2015 ( 18);

· pictures uploaded on Oct. 21 and 31 - Nikitin-Davydov with his machine gun at a firing location at a village's outskirts and, him again dressed in an unofficial cloth with the same machine gun on operating site ( 19, 20).
армия рф оккупантыармия рф оккупанты

армия рф оккупанты

армия рф оккупанты

"This is not the first time we observe the 7th armored brigade of the Russian armed forces. Tanks and self-propelled howitzers with wiped-out tactical signs of this brigade from Chebarkul were reported in November of 2014 in Rostov Oblast, not far from the Ukrainian border," the authors note.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p361240