Accomplices of Yanukovych reclaim assets with help of Pechersk district court of Kyiv, - journalist. DOCUMENT (in Ukrainian)

Yanukovych and his henchmen are preparing for return to Ukraine to take revenge.

Journalist Serhii Ivanov writes in his blog in Ukrainska Pravda, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, a number of events taking place in Ukraine indicate the fact that has long acquired the feature of clear evidence: Yanukovych henchmen are trying to return. The journalist says he does not mean the return of pronounced separatist Olena Bondarenko to the Ukrainian TV channels or that of one of the most notorious representatives of Yanukovych regime, Olena Lukash, who has managed to live in downtown Kyiv for a year and a half while being in the wanted list. Ivanov writes it is not about arthouse short movies with former head of Inland Revenue Department Klymenko and Andrii Portnov defeating current Prosecutor General with his entire agency.

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Ivanov discloses the corrupt practices used by Yanukovych cronies to reclaim their assets with the help of notorious Pechersk district court of Kyiv. The mentioned court is considering a motion of the representative of the Odesa oil refinery to lift the attachment imposed on the oil owned by the company of Kurchenko. The commodity was seized by Prymorskyi district court in Odesa in March 2014 immediately after the escape of Yanukovych with his accomplices in Russia since the specified oil fell within its jurisdiction. The attached commodities are allegedly impeding normal operation of the enterprise, according to the lawsuit.

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Besides, the journalist once again draws attention to the fact that the Pechersk district court of Kyiv, which has already made several rulings in favor of Kurchenko and Russian oil monopoly Rosneft, is considering the case beyond its jurisdiction since the decision on attachment has been made by the district court, where the refinery is located. This logic allows making a conclusion that Kurchenko has found a gap in the Ukrainian legal system with the assistance of law firms and uses it to its fullest to reclaim the property previously misappropriated from the state. According to Ivanov, the name to this gap is the Pechersk district court of Kyiv. The journalist does not exclude that the next step of the Pechersk judges will be the return of the entire Odesa refinery to Kurchenko or Rosneft, if not the total release of the attachment from the accounts of Yanukovych cronies with their subsequent return to take revenge.

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