11 Russian killer pilots revealed in Syria, - InformNapalm. Infographics

Ukrainian volunteers gathered open source information about Russian pilots participating in combat activities in Syria.

International volunteer unit InformNapalm together with Infographics [UA] has prepared the first batch of data about participants of the Russian military operation in Syria - navigators and pilots of the Russian Air Forces, Censor.NET reports.

InformNapalm delivered an ultimatum to the Kremlin in early October. For each Donbas cease-fire violation the organization publishes data about Russian pilots in Syria based on analysis and investigation of open sources of information. Russian president's press secretary Dmitriy Peskov called the ultimatum "hostile activities."

As of today, InformNapalm has found information on 11 officers of the Russian Federation Air Forces - they belong to Su-24M crews with side numbers 04, 05, 16, 26; Su-24M with registration number 0715323; Su-30SM with side number 27 (red).

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The organization noted that Human Rights Watch (HRW) had accused Russia of killing dozens of civilians in the bombings of Syrian cities. According to HRW, two attacks in Homs area killed 59 civilians, and one attack in Al-Ghantu killed 46 members of one family, including 12 women and 32 children.

Turkish PM Davutoglu said that only two of 57 airstrikes conducted by Russia in Syria hit ISIL targets. This makes Russian officers who participate in the bombing military criminals killing Syrian civilians, InformNapalm stated.

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