Logic for British air strikes in Syria 'inescapable,' British Defense Secretary says. PHOTOS

British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon says that British warplanes should be deployed in Syria, but raises the prospect of an "accidental confrontation" with Russian forces.

This is reported by The Telegraph, Censor.NET informs.

The "logic" for British jets carrying out air strikes against terrorists in Syria is now "inescapable", the Defence Secretary has said as he raised the prospect of an "accidental confrontation" with Russia if the UK goes to war in the region.

Michael Fallon said that the British military should be deployed in Syria to tackle Isil jihadists if the Government is able to get Parliamentary approval.

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However, he admitted that he is worried that it could lead to an "accidental confrontation" with Russian forces, which are now carrying out operations in the region.

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Fallon said that Russian aggression in the region should not "divert us for a moment from our focus against Isil".

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Smoke rises as the Syrian army bombards the Jobar area of Damascus. Backed by Russian air strikes and Iranian fighters, the Syrian army is now trying to retake Aleppo. Photo: AP

Speaking to the Andrew Marr programme on BBC 1, Mr Fallon was asked if he "hopes" to be able to send British planes to carry out targeted strikes against Isil jihadists in Syria.

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"The logic is inescapable," he said. "Isil is a huge threat to this country, to the stability of Iraq, to the stability of the whole region and has carried out barbarous acts."

He said that Vladimir Putin's decision to lauch attacks in Syria is "prolonging the conflict" and helping to "prop up" the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

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Fallon said: "What [Russia] is doing is propping up the Assad regime, making the resolution of all this more difficult. They are prolonging the conflict and civilians are being killed.

"The RAF strikes are done to very strict rules of engagement. They've been striking in Iraq for a year where so far there have been no civilian casualties. The Russians have been at in Syria for a couple of weeks and independent reports estimate that they've killed several hundred people already."

He added: "I don't think we should let Russia divert us for a moment from our focus against Isil. Don't let's forget that Isil beheaded British hostages. They were behind the slaughter of 30 British holidaymakers on a beach in Tunisia. They've been killing Christians, gays, they've been carrying out unspeakable acts of brutality. They are a very direct threat to the peace in the Middle East and they are a direct threat to us in the United Kingdom."

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Asked if he is "worried" about the potential for an "accidental confrontation" with Russian forces if Britain goes to war in the region, Mr Fallon said: "Well I am worried, yes. When you have this activity - you've seen on the Turkish border, which is a Nato border, you've seen incursions into Turkish airspace. Obviously there is the danger of accidents, of incidents taking place that inflame the tension."

He added: "We have to deal with Isil. That is our focus."

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