Ukrainian investigators issue ultimatum to Kremlin while exposing Russian pilot-killers. PHOTOS

InformNapalm volunteers continue the series of publications intended to halt Russian terrorists’ crimes in Ukraine and abroad. According to their ultimatum, each cease-fire violation by Russian-terrorist forces will result in publication of another OSINT investigation, including names, surnames, photos, side and tail numbers, and other details and facts about the crimes committed by Russian pilots during the war operation in Syria.

As reported by Censor.NET citing the publication, in response to a recent cease-fire violation by Russian-terrorist forces near Avdiivka (Donetsk region, Ukraine), the investigators disclose personal data of Russian Major Sergei A. Rumyantsev (profile archive), a pilot of Su-24M aircraft (serial No. 0715373, photo archive) of the 6980th aviation base of the 1st class (military unit No. 69806, Chelyabinsk, Russia). The aviation group is based on Shagol airfield.

армия сирия рф бомбардировщикармия сирия рф бомбардировщик
The screenshot of Rumyantsev's social media profile's main page | VK

As reported, Rumyantsev last time visited his VK [Russian social media - ed.] page at 1:16 a.m. on Sept. 20, 2015. This date coincides with transfer of Russia's aircraft to Syria (subsequently legalized on Sept. 30 by the decision of the Russian Federation Council to send troops abroad). At that, Valentina Matvienko, the chairman of the Federation Council, did not specify the region where the troops could be sent. As previously reported, a similar situation of formal legalization of Russian forces' participation in operations outside Russia occurred in spring 2014, when the Federation Council approved Russia's military operation in Ukraine. Afterwards, Russia annexed Crimea and the approval was withdrawn in summer 2014. This means that the latest approval of the aggressive activities outside Russia may not only be aimed at the legalization of Russia's aviation in Syria, but also be a part of some comprehensive plan seeking to protect the "Russian-speaking people" in any other country in the world.

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Sept. 22, the foreign media, referring to satellite photos published by U.S. geopolitical intelligence firm "Stratfor," demonstrated Russia's major military build-up in Syria. In its turn, InformNapalm volunteers personally analysed the photos and identified, according to their conclusions, a Su-30SM fighter (side No. "red" 24, tail No. RF-95003, serial No. 10МК5 10МК5 1105). It was established that the aircraft was assigned to the 120th mixed aviation division of the 3rd Air and Air Defense Force Command of the Eastern Military District on Domna airfield (Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia).

Earlier, Sept. 15, InformNapalm investigators conducted a statistical analysis of Russian landing platform docks' voyages to the Syrian port of Tartus, discovering a significant raise in the dynamics of Russia's military equipment and troops deployment to Syria from 2013 till September 2015. The statistics and infographics are available here.

Also, not long before the Federation Council's decision on Russian troops usage outside Russia, InformNapalm volunteers, analyzing social media profiles of Russian servicemen, disclosed several facts proving the preparation of the Russian Air Force for a possible usage in combat. Moreover, they established the airfield used to transfer the weapons to Syria in late September, 2015.

Oct. 5, after world's media reported multiple casualties of Russian air strikes in Syria, including children and women, InformNapalm launched an ultimatum campaign aimed to expose Russian military pilots commiting war crimes in Syria.

Their findings were also confirmed by a number of official statements. For example, Oct. 7, Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu said that only two out of the 57 Russian air strikes in Syria hit the positions of ISIS militants.

армия сирия рф бомбардировщик
Screenshot of the Turkish prime minister's statement

As reported, the religious leaders of Saudi Arabia as well as all rebel groups in Syria declared jihad against Russia and asked all the Muslims to join it. But the speculative statement by the Russian military authorities that "all those who do not support Russia's operation against ISIS militants support these militants," goes beyond any criticism. For example, the Saudi aviation also takes part in the fight against the Islamic State and anyone who supports ISIS can be sentenced to a long prison term according to Saudi laws.

Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, reacted yesterday to InformNapalm's ultimatum. According to him, characterised the Ukrainian websites, containing information on Russian pilots involved in the operation in Syria, as "hostile" towards Russia and Russian servicemen. He said that Russia's special services track such activities and will take all necessary actions to ensure Russia's servicemen security.

As reported, Russia's FSB continuously pings RSS updates of the website and periodically checks the publications posted in foreign languages, including Arabic.

армия сирия рф бомбардировщик

The full screenshot of FSB's requests to informnapalm.org website for the last week can be found here.

At present, InformNapalm possesses extensive data on Russian military aviation flights in Syria, received both from public and classified sources, including from Russian journalists.

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InformNapalm volunteers have decided not to publish information on pilots involved in attacks on Islamic State groups. But those who bombed peaceful Syrian citizens and moderate Syrian opposition will be exposed.

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"For example, we do not unveil information on the crew of Su-34 aircraft (side number "red" 22) of the 47th Mixed Aviation Regiment which hit ISIS groups near the town of Raqqa (video by RT). But as soon as this crew is noticed in war crimes against the Syrian people, we will publish the data on the Internet," the authors say.

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