Head of State Fiscal Service Nasirov owns another apartment in London, – journalistic investigation. DOCUMENTS

Chairman of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov owns one more apartment in London, which has not been mentioned in his assets and income declaration of 2014.

"Nashі Hroshі" project reports citing the extract from H.M. Land Registry, Censor.NET reports.

The two-bedroom flat on 22 Fallowfield Street, Lennox Road, London (N4 3PA) is meant in particular. According to the real estate websites, it costs over £240,000 at the moment.


Nasirov is the tenant of the property on a leasehold basis - a long-term lease usually concluded for a period of 40-125 years. The transaction took place in 2005. The amount of £120,000 was paid for the real estate while the funds were lent by HSBC Bank PLC, as evidenced by the extract.



According to the official biography of Nasirov, he was working in private international companies at the time when the leasehold transaction took place and owned a business in London: he and his father founded Nasirov LLP in 2005.

This very apartment on Lennox Road has been specified in the Land Registry as the contact address of Roman Nasirov as the founder of the company. The company was dissolved in 2009, when Nasirov returned to work in Kyiv. Google Maps still show Nasirov LLP at this address.


In addition, Nasirov indicated the same address on Lennox Road in 2007 concluding the contract for shared ownership underlease of other real estate in London - Flat 5, 3 Limeharbour, London E14 9LS. The flat, information about which was made public by Nasirov's former deputy in State Fiscal Service Kostiantyn Likarchuk in September.

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This is evidenced by the copy of the agreement made public by Nashi Hroshi.


As known, Nasirov then said that he did not own the apartment. But according to these documents, Nasirov paid one-third of the purchase price (£ 96,000 of £ 275,000) and had to pay £ 8,250 gross rent per annum.

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In accordance with the approved form of the submission of the income declaration, Nasirov was obliged to provide information about all property "owned, leased or used under other right by the declarant". However, the relevant section of the official declaration of 2014 was blank.

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