Russian invader Alexey Krivdin signed contract for “Novorossia” army in Russia’s Volgograd military recruitment office, - InformNapalm. PHOTOinvestigation

OSINT investigation of "DPR/LPR" militants' social media profiles revealed another Russian contract soldier, scout from the 291st separate artillery brigade who is currently a member of an illegal armed gang in the occupied Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by investigative blogger Iraklii Komakhidze in his article for InformNapalm.org.

During identification and analysis of Alexey Krivdin's VK profile (profile archive, photo album archive, contacts archive) they found the following information:

Alexey Valeryanovich Krivdin, born on May 20, 1994, residing at 5 Kuybysheva str., apt. 7, Volzhsky city (Volgograd Oblast, Russia), phone 89061687623.

Krivdin served in the 3rd air defense battery of the 'Tor-M1' air defense division of the 19th separate motorized rifle brigade (military unit No. 20634, Vladikavkaz, the 58th general army, Southern Military District, North Ossetia, Russia). He was transferred to the reserve as junior sergeant in June, 2013.

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In October of 2014 Krivdin submitted documents for a three-year contract to the military recruiting office of Volgograd. He applied for a position of a scout in the 291st artillery brigade (military unit No. 64670, Southern Military District, Troitskaya, Republic of Ingushetia, Russia).

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In January this year, Krivdin was sent to the Donbas to serve in 'Oplot', the 4th battalion of 'DPR.'

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Note: the process of signing a contract with the Russian army consists of several steps. The first and the most important one is to get a so-called 'reference' from a certain military unit with specification of the open vacancy. A candidate with a 'reference' visits the local military office and fills in the application form for a three-year contract in that military unit. Then the military office, based on the 'reference' and the candidate's application, carries out the required procedures (medical examination, profile filling in, etc) to enroll a soldier. Then contract serviceman is sent to the military unit location.

This is not the first case of mutation of Russian contract servicemen to militants of 'Novorossiya'. InformNapalm has published several articles on how Russian soldiers become 'DPR/LPR' militants. One of the most recent cases has been described in this material - "Russian Contract Soldier from the 7th Base Fights as 'DPR' Militant".

The abovementioned units of the 19th motorized rifle brigade and the 291st artillery brigade have been mentioned several times in the context of the 'Rostov-Ukraine assignments':

Information about the Russian invader Alexey Krivdin was added to the 'Myrotvorets' database.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p355622