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 "Titushky" are back picketing EU Delegation to Ukraine, - Delegation’s Press Officer. PHOTOS

Several dozen people with specific appearance and athletic build carried out a "picket" outside the building of the EU Delegation to Ukraine. The diplomats have called the “protesters” the "old good friends titushky".

Press Officer of the EU Delegation David Stulik wrote on Facebook and posted a few photos, Censor.NET reports.

"Old" good "friends, whom we have not seen for a while - titushki are back! Hmm, we, the EU, are called" US servants "and" US prostitutes ". We have destroyed Ukrainian economy, etc ... Therefore, Ukrainians do not want to go to Europe. Interesting, who is paying for this?" the diplomat wrote.

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Later, he also published photos depicting titushky (protester-enforcer for hire), who have gathered together after the action near the building of the EU Delegation waiting for something.

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