Russian contract soldier from the 7th military base Mikhail Neberekutya fights as "DPR" militant. PHOTOS

Presence of contract servicemen from the 7th military base (military unit No. 09332, Gudauta, occupied Abkhazia, Georgia) in the ranks of the illegal armed gangs in the Donbas has been confirmed by an investigation.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing InformNapalm.

Upon investigation of social media profiles, Russian serviceman Mikhail Stolyarov was found (profile archive, photo album archive, friend list archive ). Several interesting details have been found due to sifting and identifying his profile, and with informational support of the 'Myrotvorets ' center. The cover name 'Stolyarov' masks Neberekutya Mikhail Mikhailovich, born in Stavropol on May 6, 1993. He has been contract serviceman of the Russian army since spring of 2013, was called to active duty in Maykop, where he was assigned to an air defense division of the 7th occupation military base after finishing basic military training. Year later, in 2014, Neberekutya signed a contract - that is justified by comments to a photo of his VKontakte profile.

Note: It is common practice in the Russian army (and so in the 7th base) to sign a contract after serving for 6-8 months. A typical contract lasts for three years and obliges a soldier to serve in a particular military unit. A contract serviceman receives around 45 thousand rubles ($677; a conscript soldier in Abkhazia earns around 11 thousand, $165) ) with possible extra payments - the so-called 'field' and 'assignment' extras, etc. Transfer to another military unit or resigning before the end of contract may result in problems (including punitive sanctions).

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"InformNapalm has repeatedly published articles on how Russian contract soldiers easily become "DPR"/"LPR" militants, as exemplified by the 7th base servicemen - see "'Cinderellas' with Self-propelled Artillery Systems or How Russian Contract Servicemen are Posing as 'Self-defense'". Mikhail Neberekutya was not an exclusion - he was still serviceman of the Russian army in December, 2014. That is proved by the medal 'For battle honors' that he got according to the order No. 809 dated Dec. 10, 2014, issued by the Minister of Defense and signed by the base commander, colonel Kosobokov. After a short break, in May, 2015 the Russian occupant M. Neberekutya appeared as a militant with call sign 'Belka' [squirrel] from the 5th 'Oplot' brigade of the "DPR forces", and then in some 'SOBR special police'," the authors of the investigation write.

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"It should be noted that 'Belka'-Neberekutya sent the information about himself to 'Myrotvorets' database on his own. He wanted the fame, and here it comes. Despite a number of manipulations in order to conceal his identity, 'Belka' took a knock on his peacockery. Of course, neither him nor Russian bots will admit he is a Russian soldier, but the fact is that it is unlikely that a Russian contract serviceman with triple salary would barter the service in the Russian army for empty pockets and being a homeless militant in "DPR"/"LPR". This is not the first time when a Russian contract soldier appears in the ranks of the 'Novorossiya' armed formations. By the new Russian army command's approach, military experts are assigned to those formations as coordinators, counselors, instructors, and junior commanders (crew commanders, etc.), same as it was noticed regarding the servicemen of the Southern Military District units and GRU special forces. So, while the tactical group of the 7th base is being redeployed to Rostov Oblast, its specialists in the Donbas conduct reconnaissance survey and set the stage for a possible main forces arrival," the authors of the material conclude.

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