"Abandoned graves without flowers and candles": militants’ cemetery near Donetsk more than tripled over the year. PHOTOS

The militants’ cemetery in Donetsk, which Russian mercenaries call "Walk of Fame" has more than tripled over the year. According to the cemetery keepers, the total number of militants buried in Donetsk is nearly five thousand.

Its total area is over 7,000 square meters today and it is not the limit taking into account the number of prepared graves, Censor.NET reports citing Segodnia news outlet.

"There are fresh graves marked "unknown soldier" in the cemetery near the village of Mospyne in the vicinity of Donetsk. There are dozens or perhaps hundreds of them there. Some of the graves have attached photos. Young men and women as well as middle-aged men carrying weapons are looking at the camera. The pictures have faded and changed the faces of people they depict. The militants find their terminal home here while not all their relatives know where their son or daughter has been killed.

"The relatives of unknown soldiers occasionally come searching graves of their nearest and dearest. Since there are often only numbers on the graves, the militants are searched for through morgues," a digger, who introduced himself as Alexander told the newspaper correspondent.

"The cemetery near Donetsk started growing last year. There is militants' shooting range a couple of kilometers away from it. The constant artillery shelling can be heard from it so there are always several fresh holes prepared," the journalists wrote

"The graveyard itself is conditionally divided into two parts: one is for peaceful residents and the other one - for the militants. The majority of graves of civilians are well maintained and clean while only some militants' lairs are covered with wreaths. The freshest tombs are dated back to the end of August 2015. There are a lot of graves of January and August 2014. It seems that one can study the history of the armed conflict in the Donbas by the sign plates with the dates of death. There are graves that appeared in August 2014 (battle near Ilovaisk), and the ones of June 2015 (battles near Marinka and Shyrokyne)... Although, it is good if there is sign plate with a name and date on it on the grave. It is much worse when the plate reads 'soldier No__'. Such graves will never be paid a visit," the article reads.

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"According to keepers of other graveyards, the militants are also buried at the Southern cemetery near Donetsk. The keepers say that the total number of militants buried in Donetsk is nearly five thousand. Access to two cemeteries is denied due to the attacks on Donetsk. They are Zastantsyonne (better known as the "15th Cemetery") in the Kuibyshev district and Novohnativske in the Kyiv district of Donetsk near the airport. Hundreds of Donetsk residents are unable to get to the graves of their nearest and dearest for the second year in a row."Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p351309