"Diamond" prosecutor Korniiets paid $350 million of $864 million loan in one go, - journalist. DOCUMENT

While investigating into corrupt practices of the former deputy prosecutor of the Kyiv region, so-called "diamond" prosecutor Oleksandr Korniiets it has been established that in 2007, being an ordinary public employee, he was able to receive a bank loan of $864,190, his wife, also a civil servant, being the security. During the settlement, among other amounts, he made a one-time payment of $350,000. Later on, failing to repay the loan in full, he managed to have the loan agreement recognized invalid in court and even demanded compensation for moral damage.

This is announced by a journalist Serhii Ivanov in his Censor.NET blog.

"The amount of a loan granted by Nadra Bank in September 2007 to an individual Oleksandr P. Korniiets made $864,190. I can not fancy what proof of solvency a public employee Korniiets provided in order to get a close to one million dollars loan, especially given the fact his wife, an ardent lover of Parisian shopping and public employee Svitlana Korniiets, became the security under the loan agreement. The left table given below shows when and what payments Korniiets made on the loan. There appear different amounts, but one of them is worth your special attention. The document reads that on June 19, 2009 the infamous prosecutor settled $350,000 (three hundred and fifty thousand) of the loan in one go," the journalist says.

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"The only question arising here is simple: where did a family of public employees get such an amount? I sincerely hope it will not go unanswered. And the very fact of granting a loan to a person obviously not capable to repay it could witness of a fraud," Ivanov stated.

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"From 2007, Korniiets regularly serviced the loan, and then, after Yanukovych became president and Ukraine's judiciary got under full control of Mr. Portnov, who solved any problem in any court of Ukraine with a phone call, he suddenly stopped," the blogger added.

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"Dec. 9, 2011, Holosiivskyi District Court judge Antonova opened a proceeding following a suit by Korniiets against PJSC CB "Nadra" on protection of consumer rights, recognition of the loan agreement null and void, as well as compensation for moral and material damage.

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"On Dec. 13, the same judge Antonova ruled to ban calculation of interest under the loan agreement No. 480/П/99/2007-840 of Sept. 18, 2007 concluded between Korniiets and Nadra Bank.

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