Russian soldier Viktor Soloviev of 165th artillery brigade revealed near Novoazovsk. PHOTOS

A new investigation found more soldiers of the Russian military unit No. 02901 (permanent dislocation – the Amursk region, Belogorsk-15, Nikolskoe) of the 165th artillery brigade in Ukraine’s Siedove village, Novoazovsk district, the Donetsk region, 58 km from Mariupol.

The investigation was dubbed 'hybrid' by its authors from InformNapalm.org, for it includes both data received from the Russian military's profile in Instagram using OSINT method and that from insiders from the occupied territories, Censor.NET reports.

After a trip to Novoazovsk, InformNapalm's investigators got interested in the large number of Russian military in Siedove village. This made them conduct additional investigation in social media aimed at revealing more persons from among the Russian cadre military on the territory in question. During the monitoring, a profile of contract soldier from the165th artillery brigade of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation Viktor Soloviev, who had posted his photo with a geolocation tag of Siedove village (the account is archived here), popped up.

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It was possible to identify a unit to which the object of the monitoring belonged by identifying his sleeve chevron, which is clearly seen on several images of Viktor Soloviev. This fact is also confirmed by a video titled "Victory Day in city part of Belogorsk," uploaded to the soldier's account.

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It is also worth noting the way from Belogorsk to Ukraine goes through the city of Ulan-Ude, where a hub is located. The object of the investigation also made a selfie there.

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"The reasons why Russian military command is redeploying its Eastern Military District soldiers to participate in the Donbas hostilities are unclear. Maybe, combat ready units in the European part of Russia have depleted, and no one is left to defend Western interests of the empire? Maybe that's why they put mannequins on the Far East state border of Russia, for they have nothing to guard from their eastern neighbor - everything has been sold…
"Let us remind that on Aug. 24 Chinese online medium huanqiu.com posted images made by journalists during their visit to a construction site of a bridge crossing from Nichnyeleninskoye to a Chinese city over Amur. One of the reporters noted there was a mannequin dressed as a border guard on one of the border towers on the Russian side," the publication reads.

армия рф оккупантыИсточник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p350557