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 "This would make excellent bathtub gin!" - Russians prowl food destruction sites, pick remains of fruits. PHOTOS

Residents of Krasnino district of the Smolensk region, Russian Federation take bags full of fruits from a landfill where food banned by sanctions has been destroyed.

Correspondents of the local newspaper Rabochy Put reported Friday, Aug. 7, Censor.NET informs citing Dozhd.

The EU-imported food banned by Russian sanctions has been destroyed at the landfill near the village of Vysoky Kholm in Krasnino district since Aug. 6. Journalists of the newspaper, who visited the site, told that the landfill is covered with peaches and tomatoes. The tomatoes were completely smashed, while the peaches were suitable for consumption. The locals take bags full of them away from the landfill.

One of the locals told journalists the fruit would make excellent bathtub gin.

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Photos by Rabochy Put.

There are also reports of similar activities of residents of the Bryansk region, who are involved in gathering remains of food as well.

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Photos by Gennady Mozheyko.

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