Bloody road accident occurred in Horlivka; culprit trying to buy off. PHOTOS

A road accident in the village of Bohorodychne,the Donetsk region, gravely injured an elderly couple and their grandson, heading for a vacation.

All three are in coma. The culprit is a police inspector from Sviatohirsk and a son of the ex-police chief of Horlivka and Dzerzhynsk Pavlo Panasiuk, who drove into oncoming traffic lane in his Toyota Prado (plate number AH0048KE) and collided with a car. Panasiuk disappeared from the scene, Censor.NET reports citing Chetverta Vlada.

дтп горловка мажор

At the moment, the parents of the guilty are trying their utmost to help him escape punishment. This is reported by Horlivka journalist Oleksandr Bilinskii.

"They are using all connection in the law enforcement bodies to get their son off. The car being registered to his mother, they are trying to arrange its hijacking in hindsight.

"Sloviansk police officers shamefully avert their eyes referring to the secrecy of the investigation. At the same time, there are those not ready to tolerate the engulfing system patronage any longer. They provided information about the concealed name of the culprit, as well as photos of the involved cars. And while doctors are fighting for the lives of the couple and their grandson, the Panasiuks are giving nonstop calls offering any amounts to cover up the crime," Bilinskii said.

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дтп горловка мажор

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дтп горловка мажор

Before the war, Panasiuk's father served as a chief of the Horlivka police department, where he covered illegal coal mining and underground gambling. After an anti-Ukrainian uprising in Horlivka, Panasiuk took no measures to protect the city from separatists, left for the Ukraine-controlled territory, where he retired and lives up to now.

дтп горловка мажор

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