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 Search underway in Hotel National regarding crimes on Maidan - Avakov. PHOTO (updated)

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov confirmed a search in the Hotel National in Kharkov, which city Mayor Hennadii Kernes basically turned into his residence.

This was stated by Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Yes, the Kharkiv police is conducting investigative action regarding criminal cases related to the crimes on the Maidan," he wrote and published a photo of the prize for winning in the martial arts competition held by militants in the occupied Donetsk in 2015.

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"Titushki" (hired thugs - ed.) from Kharkiv associated with Zhylin's Oplot (organized beatings of Maidan activists, etc. - ed.), with crimes in Mariyinskyi Park against demonstrators. Organization of destabilization in Kharkiv and interaction with the separatist circles in the "DPR," Avakov explained the cases to which the search is related to.

"Investigative actions and searches are being carried out in 18 places at once - including premises and persons associated with current city Mayor Kernes. More information will be announced by the Interior Ministry in the evening," he added.

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