Journalist registered correspondence of Kyiv prosecutors where they decide how to fix unwanted persons. PHOTOS

An interesting message exchange appeared on the Internet between prosecutor of Kyiv Dniprovskyi district prosecutor’s office Artem Tenditnyi, senior prosecutor of Kyiv city prosecutor’s office Serhii Lysenko and prosecutor of Kyiv Dniprovskyi district prosecutor’s office Denys Solovei.

The cell-phone message exchange was snapped by journalist Vasyl Krutchak during a session of the Kyiv Dniprovskyi district court, Censor.NET reports.

скандал переписка прокуроры
Prosecutor Artem Tenditnyi

«In short about the essence of the case. Someone put a contract out for the attorney, and the Dniprovskyi district prosecutor's office is doing everything to sue the attorney in a criminal case. During the session I managed to snap message exchange of prosecutor Tenditnyi who supported the allegation. It is getting clear from the correspondence that the prosecutors decide among themselves how to fix unwanted persons," the journalist wrote.

скандал переписка прокуроры

Group: "Lysi Ptakhy"
This faggot is often snapping me. We can fix him, too
Lysenko Serhiy Serhiyovych:

What the fuck for? Let's simply beat him up? Or his cell will be nicked on the block.

Tenditnyi is complaining to his colleagues that some person is snapping him in the meeting room with his cell-phone and proposes to put knowingly false information on committing crime by this person in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations. Lysenko offers to beat him up. "I would like Sakvarelidze (Deputy Prosecutor General - ed.) to comment on this sophisticated prosecutor's terminology. In particular to explain the meaning of the words "beat up" and "nick"," journalist Volodymyr Boiko wrote.

скандал переписка прокурорыскандал переписка прокуроры
Prosecutor Solovei in his turn is writing that there are two women who took part in the process of investigation and one of them wants to know the cell number of Tenditnyi. The latter offers to "fix" her as well.

скандал переписка прокуроры

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скандал переписка прокурорыскандал переписка прокуроры

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Moreover, the prosecutors also discuss intimate topics. Here is the Viber exchange between Tenditnyi and his intimate friend Eduard Hryshyn:

скандал переписка прокуроры
Hryshyn E.: So, you don't like me any longer???
Nenditnyi A.P.: I like you
Hryshyn E.: And tits - you saw how large they got?!! You zoom it?!!
Tenditnyi A.P.: Yesterday we decided not to write.

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