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 Delivery men of a bank robbers gang, who were carrying "laundered" money, arrested with employment of weapons in Kyiv’s downtown, - Avakov. PHOTOS

Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov told the details of the shootout that took place in the city downtown. The detainees were transporting half a million hryvnia in their car.

Censor.NET reports citing Arsen Avakov's page on Facebook.

He wrote: "The shooting in the city center was aimed to make the tires of the vehicle, which was trying to escape, flat - a last resort measure which was necessary today. The swindlers, a criminal group delivery boys, were trying to make their lucky - escape being caught red-handed, struggled on arrest but were blocked and detained by the police special forces operatives in Kyiv's downtown. And yes, the weapons and force has been employed, but there will be no other treatment for criminals who have got pretty brazen of late!

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"Here are some details about the nature of the operation. We are talking about exposure of the gang suspected of fraud of funds in the amount of 169,800,000 hryvnia (about $8,086,000) from the "Prime Bank" as well as organization of money laundering through bogus firms with a turnover of about 1.5 billion (!) hryvnia (about $71,430,000). The detention of the delivery men, who were delivering "laundered" money through Kyiv, happened today.

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"Weapons and 500,000 hryvnia (up to $24,000) were found in the car. The delivery boys have been apprehended. There are searches in the bank and another eight places of the gang members' activity. Much larger amounts of money are being seized and the participants of the criminal scheme are being detained. This joint operation of the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office will be covered later in more detail. I am informing you now so that you do not worry about the reasons of shooting and the detention. It was skillful and accurate one. It will be a lesson for embezzlers and impudent thugs swimming near fixers with big money embezzled from the state. The money will be returned to the budget and the swindlers will go to jail!" the minister wrote.

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