Unique photos of Horlivka by Furiia aerial reconnaissance group published. PHOTOS

Furiia aerial reconnaissance group published unique photos of a bird's-eye-view Horlivka.

Censor.NET reports with reference to Povernys zhyvym charity fund on Facebook.

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фото горловка аэрофото фэроразведка

"These photos were made by Furiia aerial reconnaissance group quite a long time ago, so they can be published," the message points out. "See the shot with a long red stripe? It's a tracer. They tried to shot down the guys in that way."

фото горловка аэрофото фэроразведка

"As known, Furiia is one of the most efficient and secret aerial reconnaissance groups. They were one of the first and are still one of the best in our unmanned aviation. The guys were flying everywhere - Sloviansk, Donetsk airport, Pisky, Debaltseve, Horlivka. They perform different tasks from search for ammunition depots and military equipment by the separatists to search of trucks that someone wants to deliver to the other side for money.

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'In case you haven't seen this, here is a small video about them. Russian tanks in Debaltseve and a lot more: https://youtu.be/zSMUbjaqP60

фото горловка аэрофото фэроразведка

"In aerial reconnaissance, each outing is a risk for the crew. If we want the drone to get farther beyond the touch line we have to launch the device close to it. And when there is at least one radar on the "other" side, the separatists can define the direction from where the launch was performed, and if two or more - they will know the exact coordinates and will be able to shot it down with an artillery," the volunteers say.

фото горловка аэрофото фэроразведка

"The more devices are launched in one outing, the lower the risk. And don't forget that Furiia is by far not the only crew.So, we need planes, at least one for the beginning. Transport, equipment and the ground part of the complex cost much more, but with another plane their efficiency grows by several times.

To sum up, we need to buy one more plane for the existing complex. The Model: "Furiia v1.1". manufacturer NPP "Atlon Avia"
It costs $13,800.

фото горловка аэрофото фэроразведка

"We understand that it's not a small price. But the guys have been working with this particular complex for already a year. As to them it is the best thing you can buy now in the adequate frames. The guys are experts in their field. And I cannot argue with them. We want to solve that problem in the nearest future. Let's work together?" the volunteer Vitalii Deineha wrote.

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