Russian 15th peacekeeping brigade simply dressed up as “LPR” terrorists. Photo proofs.. PHOTOS

One of the most secretive battalions of the separatists is Vityaz battalion. It operates in the Luhansk region and is formally considered a part of “LPR,” but significantly less information has been made available about it than about other units.

Anton Pavlushko wrote about it in Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

Its area of operations is Krasnodon and Izvaryne. Assumed goal: control of supply lines for "LPR" through Izvaryne. It is unclear if there is any local militia in this battalion, or Russian soldiers only.

Meet Nikolay Glushko, 23 years old from the Samara region in Russia. He is a contract soldier in the 15th peacekeeping brigade in Samara: https://vk.com/id156271052армия рф

In 2014, the brigade took part in the annexation of Crimea. Since around May, the brigade has been officially performing maneuvers near the Ukrainian border.

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In July-August, Glushko posed for photos somewhere near the Ukrainian border (judging by his friends), still wearing a Russian military uniform: https://vk.com/id156271052?z=photo156271052_335146986%2Fphotos156271052

армия рф

15th mechanized infantry brigade, Roschinsky, the Samara region, military unit 90600 (Note: VK profile has been deleted)

The original photo:


In September, he is seen being part of the Vityaz battalion of the "LPR."


армия рф
The original photos:


Looks like a typical Russian soldier "on a leave"? Let's look closer. Around the same time, he is seen riding an APC:


армия рф

Russian soldier as part of the Vityaz battalion of the "LPR," riding an APC with covered insignias.

The original photo:


A painted-over emblem of Peacekeeping Forces, his original 15th brigade logo can be seen painted over on the turret. Here is another photo dated July with the same emblem still visible:


армия рф

The original photo:


It is worth mentioning that in July-August nearly all vehicles of 15th brigade underwent emergency paint-over jobs to cover identification numbers and emblems:


армия рфармия рф

Russian soldiers paint over insignias on APCs.

армия рф

The original photo:


Here are the same vehicles in near-border Valui district (direction of Rovenky/Troitske):


армия рф

The original photos:


Now here's examination of what kind of gear Vityaz battalion is equipped with. Here is Glushko and his comrades from Vityaz battalion of "LPR" - some of them are look-alikes of his colleagues from the 15th brigade. The photo is dated Sept. 16, 2014:


армия рф

Vityaz battalion, a.k.a the 15th separate motorized infantry brigade, town of Roschinsky, the Samara region, military unit 90600, equipped with VSS sniper rifles

Let's take a closer look at the original photo:

One can see Vityaz insignia and St. George's ribbons, signs of separatism movement, on the chevrons. It looks like the 15th brigade just changed dresses into separatists. Another confirmation that this is a regular army unit is two silent VSS sniper rifles, serving Russian army, seen on the picture. It is extremely unlikely for an ordinary "militia" to have it because of high cost ($10,000 or more compared to $1,000-$2,000 per standard SVD sniper rifle), 9-mm caliber (very scarce supply of such ammunition in-the-field), silencer and short effective range (up to 400 meters only).

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So an ordinary separatist has no practical use for such rifle. It is used only by reconnaissance squads and special forces of the Russian Federation.

As proven, the "LPR" employs professional Russian soldiers armed with Russian-made weapons used by Russian army only and equipped with Russian military vehicles with covered-up insignia.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p333961