Serviceman of Special Forces from Tambov, Russia showed how Russians are disguised as miners before going to Donbas. PHOTOS

Russian Special Forces disguise themselves as “local Donbas terrorists” on the border with Ukraine.

The activity was photographed by Marat Safargalin from the 16th Special Forces Brigade of Tambov. He posted the images to social networks, Censor.NET reports citing Podrobnosti.

A "little green man" in full gear has easily turned into a local miner in sneakers.

The pictures were taken in the town of Matveyev Kurgan, the Rostov region, situated only 15 km from the Ukrainian border.

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From Crimea to Donbas

Native of Udmurtia, the Russian Federation, a member of the Russian Special Forces Marat Safargalin boasted his medal "For the return of the Crimea " in social networks.

He was rewarded on Aug. 9, 2014 in his function of a private soldier of military u nit 54607, i.e. the 16th Special Forces Brigade of Tambov.

армия рф наемник

Marat's photo album contains several pictures from the annexed Crimea. Considering that he gave his oath of allegiance to Russia in June 2013, Marat must have been a conscript for less than a year at the time when the peninsula had been seized.

армия рф наемник

Marat Safargalin has been serving in the Russian army for about two years now, which means that after his conscription he continued his military service as a contractor.

Disguise game

Marat Safargalin found his way in Matve y ev Kurgan, the Rostov region, around April 10. The town is only 15 km from the Ukrainian border.

He doesn't wear Russian uniform here anymore.

On one of the pictures, Marat poses with a rifle wearing sneakers and multicam camouflage, which is popular both with Ukrainian soldiers and terrorists.

The latest photo in his album, added on April 18, shows him wearing a green jacket without any identification marks.

Judging by these photos, military discipline isn't so strict in these elite troops anymore.

His 20th birthday on April 18 the commando celebrated comfortably right in their field camp.

He prefers to call his mission to the Ukrainian border " a business trip".

Before that, in March, Marat was in Millerovo (Russia) not far from Luhansk, where a field camp with a great number of military equipment is set up near the military aerodrome.

армия рф наемник

Matveyev Kurgan base

As known, sabotage-reconnaissance groups of Russian Special Forces are regularly redeployed to Donetsk from the Rostov region (Russia), as reported by the InfoResist group.

The vicinity of Matveyev Kurgan city is used not only as a Special Forces station, but also for stationing units of the 34th m o tor rifle brigade and the 11th separate air assault brigade of the Russian Federation army.

There are photos in social networks showing convoys of military KamAZ trucks near Matveyev Kurgan.

They were likely filled with ammunition boxes, and the trucks themselves were from near Volgograd, Russia.

Th ese are photos that Russian soldiers send their mothers, capturing movement of military vehicles closer to the warring part of the Donbas.

To the right stands Egor Ivanov, a soldier from St. Petersburg who serves in the 99 th brigade of logistic support from Maykop, Russia. Many soldiers from this brigade have been noticed in Donetsk.

армия рф наемник

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армия рф наемник

армия рф наемник

армия рф наемник

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армия рф наемник

армия рф наемник

армия рф наемник

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армия рф наемник

рф наемник армия

армия рф наемник

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