Kyiv-1 battalion deputy commander’s car attacked in Kyiv. PHOTOS

Unidentified persons fired at the car of deputy commander of the Kyiv-1 battalion a couple of hours ago in Kyiv on April 17.

Kyiv-1 battalion deputy commander Yevhen Deidei wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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His statement reads: "No doubt the investigation will establish all the circumstances of this incident and the perpetrators with the masterminds will be arrested. But now I address those who organized this cheap trick trying to make us scare once again: We are not going to stop!!!


"I know full well that you dislike the checkpoints around the capital, the whole lot of seized weapons, brothels and casinos closed by us, but we will keep doing this job regardless of your attempts to impede our efforts. And neither your high patrons' attempts to lean on us nor subtle hints of "my colleagues" nor the threats nor the information warfare will help you! We have given an oath and swore to ourselves and people that will serve the cause of community. And we will honor this oath!!! For the sake of thousands of those who believe us. For the sake of order in the heart of Ukraine. For the sake of our children's future!

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"The Kyiv-1 battalion will stand to the end guarding the law and order in the capital! We will not allow drowning Kyiv in blood, drugs, weapons and mayhem! No matter whether you like it or not..." Deidei wrote.

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