Uragans of 943rd reactive artillery regiment of occupant contingent of Russian military forces in Crimea. PHOTOS

A reactive artillery detachment of Uragan multiple launch rocket systems was recorded in Crimea within an attempt to identify Russian units of occupant contingent of Russian federation military forces in Crimea – Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET, investigative blogger Iraklii Komakhidze wrote about it for Informnapalm.

"The detachment is identified as a multiple rocket launcher system battalion of the 943rd reactive artillery regiment (military unit 21797, Adygea, the Maykop district, Krasnooktiabrskiy village) of the 49th general military army of the South military district.

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"This detachment is based near Dzhankoi aerodrome, where one of the basic camps of Crimean group of the Russian occupant troops is deployed. The reactive artillerists were redeployed from Maykop in the end of January of this year, their deployment term defined as six months of "military duty." The detachment's personnel is manned with both contract military and draftees", the blogger informs.

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крым ураган армия рфкрым ураган армия рф

"It is worth noting that at the end of last year we recorded a detachment of the 8th artillery regiment of the Black Sea Fleet coastal troops (military unit 87714, the place of dislocation - city of Simferopol), composed of Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system (Grad based on KamAZ truck) and towed Msta-B howitzers at the same landmark. A battery of Hurricane multiple launch rocket systems was noticed not far from the place and we suppose that it could be part of the 8th artillery regiment. In view of the latest information, the abovementioned reactive systems are likely to belong to the 943rd reactive regiment, please see "Russian military group in the occupied Crimea" dated Dec. 24, 2014," Komakhidze wrote.

крым ураган армия рф

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Reference: the 943rd reactive artillery regiment, dislocation place Adygea, the Maykop district, village of Krasnooktiabrskiy. Consists of three subdivisions of 220-mm Uragan MLRSes with eight combat vehicles each, altogether 24 units. Colonel O. Beshkarev is the commander of the regiment.

крым ураган армия рфкрым ураган армия рф

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крым ураган армия рфкрым ураган армия рф

An artillery brigade was planned within the 943rd regiment, with divisions of barrel artillery included in its structure (by the example of the 291st artillery brigade, which was redeployed from Maykop to Ingushetia several years ago).

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