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 Greeks take grain, scrap metal, oil, and gas from Crimea bypassing sanctions. PHOTOS

Greek vessels that violate the ban on entry into ports of Russia-annexed Crimea, often carry liquefied natural gas and oil products, as well as grain and scrap metal. Turkish cargo ships are suspected of concealing the nature of the imported goods.

BlackSeaNews portal Chief Editor Andrii Klymenko informed Censor.NET.

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According to the monitoring conducted by the portal together with "Maidan of Foreign Affairs Fund", a total of 165 merchant vessels from 15 countries have touched at the peninsula over the past year. The most flagrant perpetrator is the Russian Federation (71 ships or 43% of the total number of violations) followed by Turkey (42 vessels, or 25.5% of the total number of violations) and Greece (23 vessels or 13.9%). The Greek ships-perpetrators are distributed by types as follows: 12 tankers (including seven LNG tankers), seven bulk carriers, three ferries and one cruise liner," Klymenko said.

The expert added that four out of five oil tankers called at Feodosia, where the largest petroleum-product storage and distribution center in Crimea is situated. "Three out of seven Greek dry-cargo freighters were carrying Crimean grain from Sevastopol at the port of Famagusta (unrecognized Northern Cyprus), the rest were taking scrap metal from Crimean ports," Klymenko also informed.

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Considering the number of calls by the type of vessels, the major Greek perpetrators will be the LNG tankers.

крым греция корабли

'York' tanker entered Kerch most frequently last year.

"Greek LNG tankers have put in Kerch to be loaded with liquefied gas at least 41 times - which is 62.12% of all violations," he said.

The expert specified that the liquefied gas is delivered to Kerch from the Russian Federation in cistern cars by the ferry.

крым греция корабли

Conro Trader is the only ferry in the Kerch Strait able to transport cistern cars with liquefied gas.

As for cargo ships from Turkey, they usually declare the importation of cement as well as gravel into the peninsula. "As there is more than enough of one's own gravel and cement in Crimea, the question arises, what are they actually carrying under the gravel," Klymenko said.

In this case, the BlackSeaNews chief editor stressed that only six out of 23 violations of the occupied territory of Crimea committed by the Greek vessels were recorded in 2015.

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The BlackSeaNews insists that the identity of a vessel is determined not by the flag but by the ship-owner's and/or the vessel operator's profile.

It should be reminded that the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution March 27, 2014, according to which the United Nations and its specialized agencies, which include International Maritime Organization, are urging "all states, international organizations, and specialized agencies not to recognize any change in the status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, and ... refrain from any actions or steps that could be interpreted as the recognition of any such change of status" (Item 6 of the Resolution).

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