Yarosh appointed Advisor to Chief of Staff of Ukrainian armed forces. PHOTOS

Viktor Muzhenko and head of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps Dmytro Yarosh agreed to the latter’s appointment as advisor to the Chief of Staff.

The agreement was made yesterday, during a meeting at the General Staff of the armed forces, Censor.NET reports citing press center of the Defense Ministry.

"A whole group of talented combat leaders received new ranks over recent weeks. We also appreciate the significant contribution of volunteer battalions in the common cause of protecting the motherland from the aggressor. The men of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps demonstrated their high motivation and morale in numerous battles. Their experience and knowledge will work for the development of all the armed forces. We understand the need of changes and efficiency improvements of all level of the army. We are also looking at different models of the armed forces reserve units development. We will develop projects of changes and implement them in spite of external aggression and internal resistance of those who does not want reforms," Muzhenko said.

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"The Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, fighting for the same cause as the army, is ready to obey the army leadership in matters related to the defense of the country from the enemy and gives every patriot an opportunity to defend Ukraine. Some are mobilized into the army, and some go to fight as volunteers. At the same time, most of the volunteers who for various reasons cannot fight continuously are ready to fight on a rotating basis. We will also seek legislative reflection of these realities of warfare, including for the social protection of the soldiers and their families," Yarosh said.

советник ярош муженко

советник ярош муженко

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