Head of Kyiv traffic police fled to Belarus. Head of a department detained. PHOTOS

The Internal Security Service of the Interior Ministry exposed a criminal scheme of illegal receipt of funds in MREO (Ukraine's Department of Motor Vehicles - ed.).

This was announced by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Today the Internal Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with the Kyiv prosecutor's office conducted a series of searches and detainments aimed at repressing criminal schemes uncovered in the Kyiv traffic police. The schemes of the police officers were based on receipt of illicit funds in the DMV in the process of car registrations. Head of the registration and examination department of the Kyiv traffic police, lieutenant colonel Mykola Zhebel was detained," Avakov reported on the results of the search.

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Also, according to him, Head of the Kyiv traffic police, colonel Mykola Makarenko, suspected of being the organizer of the criminal group, left the country in the direction of Belarus without authorization. He is wanted for questioning.

задержание коррупционеров

задержание коррупционеров




"Alas, [we are] still working with a number of participants of this criminal scheme - both civilians and police officers," the Interior Minister noted outlining several areas of criminal activities identified during today's searches:

"- extorting employees of Service Provision Centers related to the use of motor vehicles, extorting Kyiv Interior Ministry employees to provide monthly payments

"- exclusive sale of DMV invoice statement forms. Including through Innavto LLC associated with Zhebelev. Only through this company Zhebel received illegal income of over 600,000 hryvnia ($23,000) per month, making 720 hryvnia ($28) on just one form.

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"During the search in Innavto company evidence of criminal corruption schemes of Makarenko and Zhebel was found and seized: documents of schemes to receive funds from subordinates, monetary funds, promptly transferred throughout the criminal chain... But, we will break it.

"When we finish with the traffic police, this DMV and THESE bastards in uniforms... To be continued," the minister concluded.

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