Russians react with hysteria to the 90-year-old Auschwitz prisoner with a Ukrainian ribbon. PHOTOS

Events marking 70 years since the death camp liberation were held in Poland on Tuesday, Jan. 27.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing Obozrevatel.

About 100 ex-prisoners of the camp took part in the commemorating ceremony, including a 90-year-old professor Ihor Malytskyi from Kharkiv, Ukraine.


The Auschwitz survivor from Ukraine showed up with a blue and yellow ribbon on his clothing, which provoked mixed reactions and numerous angry comments among Russians.

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The image was also published on the website and Facebook page of the propaganda Kremlin TV channel Russia Today.

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The following derogative comments followed immediately: "The guy doesn't know what he's wearing. If he knew, he would have kicked "liberators'" offsprings. It is weird to see a death camp prisoner wearing a symbol of the country which praises fascist punishers as national heroes. The Polish have forgotten Volyn'...," "Fascist bastards! We will find you and kill you anyway!," "Why would a death camp prisoner wear a khokhol (derogative for Ukrainians in Russia - ed.) ribbon? To say thank you to Nachtigall liberators?"

Though most commentators attempted to protect the old man calling him a Ukrainian patriot and wishing him many years of life.

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