Russian mercenary confessed Russian army fights under the guise of militants in Donbas. PHOTOS

One of the mercenaries from Russia, who fought in Donetsk against Ukraine, spoke about the participation of the Russian army in the war.

Twenty-two year old Konstantin Gorelov from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk provided the details in an interview with Citisakh.ru, Censor.NET reports.

"Nobody is fighting for the militia under orders. That's a lie! There is a lot of Russian army troops there, they are not visible, they work carefully and quietly... Reconnaissance, probably. They are fighting under the guise of militia," he said.

Gorelov says that he fought in Sparta militant unit and took part in the capture of the Donetsk airport.

армия рф оккупанті

He claims it was his arm with Russian Marines chevron caught on camera of a Russian TV channel.

армия рф оккупанті

"I went in the footsteps of my colleague at work. He gave me contacts of deputy commander of Motorola battalion Vokh... They greeted us ok, provided weapons the next day and sent us to the front line," he said.

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The mercenary assures that the airport was "taken in three-four days."

"They were pushed in on the third floor and in the basement (actually, the "cyborgs" were holding the second floor, and were attacked through the basement and third floor - ed.)" he said.

армия рф оккупанті

The mercenary also admitted that he has a loan to pay at home and it is one of the reasons for going to the Donbas.

Russia insists that there is no regular army in the Donbas the Donbas but only volunteers. Ukraine claims there are up to 9,000 soldiers of the Russian Federation in the territory of the Donbas. Russian human rights activists say that the command of the Russian army makes the conscripts transfer to contract service and sends them to Eastern Ukraine.

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