Uralspetszashchita Entreprise developed uniform for Russian mercenaries in Donbas: "It's better than NATO uniform". PHOTOS

While the Kremlin continues to state there are no Russian troops in Ukraine, at the same time increasing suplies of weaponry and personnel to the east of Ukraine, the Ekaterinburg company Uralspetszashchita developed and publicly presented new uniform for Russian mercenaries who are deployed in the Donbas.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing ura.ru.

As reported by the medium, the design is not very much different from that already worn by the militants in the Donbas. However, the 'under-the-hood' capabilities are at the level of the world's leading armies' uniforms. Allegedly, the manufacturer designed the clothes basing on recommendations of former commandos.

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"It is much warmer than the usual uniform, dubbed 'gorka,'" the developer, director of Uralspetszashchita Andrei Golovanov said. "In fact it is a double suit: there is a heat insulated overalls, like that of pilots, under a vest and pants. It's winter!" At the same time, the uniform is not heavy and easy to move in.

Former Russian commando Sergei, who recently returned from the Donbas, is talking the uniform up and praising its lightness: "Usually, insulated army suits are difficult for running, but this one is not."

Одежда для уральских добровольцев в Новороссию. Екатеринбург

Soldiers have high expectations from this uniform. "In combat conditions, the uniforms wear out rapidly, especially for intelligence men," the Russian mercenary Sergei notes. "Ukrainians have good optical sights, thermal scopes, thus we have to crawl all the time."

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But the punch line of the suit is special constructive parts that make it easier to fight and to survive. For instance, a loop for transporting a wounded person - this idea was adopted from the NATO uniforms. For a wounded soldier, there is another important detail included - built-in lacing on arms and legs to stop the blood instead of a garrot.

Одежда для уральских добровольцев в Новороссию. Екатеринбург

Одежда для уральских добровольцев в Новороссию. Екатеринбург

Golovanov and his entreprise not only designed the new 'gorka' but also will produce 50 new suits for Ural mercenaries who are departing for the Donbas from Ekaterinburg in the near future. "These would be not random people, as used to happen recently, but professionals and combat veterans," the article reads.

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According to the meduim, Sergei who tested the uniform will travel to the Donbas for the third time. At his second deployment there, he commanded an intelligence mortar element and took part in fightings at the 32nd checkpoint near Bakhmutka.

Одежда для уральских добровольцев в Новороссию. Екатеринбург

The Russian mercenary is going to the Donbas for he believes he belongs there.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p321827