Russia Today propagandist Graham Phillips passes off pictures from a supermarket as taken in the airport. PHOTO

Infamous British propagandist, Russia Today reporter Graham Phillips has presented a set of pictures which were allegedly taken in the Donetsk airport, which was supposedly seized by the terrorists.

The pictures were accompanied by his comments about no Ukrainian soldiers being there. The fact is that the pictures were taken in 'Metro' supermarket, which had been devastated by the terrorists and suffered from shelling, Censor.NET reports citing rusjev.net.

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супермаркет пропаганда магазинсупермаркет пропаганда магазин

The journalist himself does not conceal that he had visited Metro store, but still passes off the pictures from there as being taken in the airport. Seems like the devastated supermarket is now used by the Russian propagandist media as photo location - average viewers will not ask themselves how could it be that the 'airport' is only two-storeyed, and the 'terminals' are covered with shelved that had been previously used for goods.

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супермаркет пропаганда магазин

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супермаркет пропаганда магазин

It is worth noting that a picture from the supermarket was also used in a cover story on Gazeta.ru website in the section 'Donbas conflict.' If anyone should believe the Russian propaganda that the airport of Donetsk has been under terrorists' control for three days by now, then a question should arise: where are pictures and videos exactly from its premises? And why the destroyed 'Metro' store is still demanded?

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