Militants admit shelling a bus with civilians near Volnovakha. PHOTO Proof

The terrorists have acknowledged firing at the Ukrainian checkpoint.

A separatist website boasted that the militants "hit a checkpoint near Volnovakha", Censor.NET reports.

расстрел днр волноваха

расстрел днр волноваха

"There is fighting near Berezove (near Volnovakha) - a Ukrainian checkpoint was hit there, they are again shelling Dokuchaivsk. In Avdiivka [we] also hit Ukrainian strongholds. As a result of successful hit [we] destroyed a Ukrainian ammunition store in Hranytne. There are reports of battles under way near Kozachie (LPR). And it is to the north of the Nyzhia Vilkhova, at the crossroads of the road to Krasna Talivka. There [we] blocked Ukrainians from the Khmelnytskyi region. [We] blocked supply of food and ammunition," the terrorists' website states.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p319755