French Charlie Hebdo ridiculed pseudo referendum held in occupied Crimea and Putin's policy. PHOTOS

There were works concerning pseudo referendum, which took place in March 2014 in Crimea occupied by the Russian troops as well as the aggressive policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, among the caricatures of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the editors office of which was brutally attacked by the terrorists yesterday.

One of the drawings of the magazine's caricaturists depicts, in particular, the whole point of the Crimean 'referendum' and the subsequent annexation of the peninsula - a man throwing a ballot in the tank gun's barrel, Censor.NET reports citing Krym.Realii.

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Earlier, 12 people were killed in the attack on Charlie Hebdo editors office on Wednesday, Jan. 7.

According to the police reports, witnesses say that the attackers were shouting the phrase "We will avenge the Prophet" and "Allah Akbar" (God is great).

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The "Islamic State" and other jihadist groups' followers claim on the Internet that they take responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the Muslim community in France condemned the attack.

Satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo became popular in 2006 after spreading the caricatures of Prophet Mohammed that first appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and sparked public outcry in the Muslim world.

путин charlie hebdo каррикатуры

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путин charlie hebdo каррикатуры


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