"Tank Destroyer": Ukrainian Soldier, Gunner of T-64B Tank Leonid Suhanskyi Destroyed Five Enemy T-72 and T-64 Tanks. PHOTOS

T-64B tank gunner, Sergeant Leonid Suhanskyi has five destroyed T-72 and T-64 type enemy tanks, at least two Grad multiple rocket launchers and about four militants’ guns under his belt.

The Ministry of Defense press service reported on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

Moreover, he hit three tanks during the enemy's preparation to attack our soldiers, and two other - in a tank duel. There are at least two destroyed Grad MLRSes and about four militants' guns among the tanker's merits.

According to the press service, the 47-year-old soldier of the 17th Tank Brigade has been near Mariupol protecting strategically important Pavlopil dam for the last three months.

Sergeant Suhanskyi has received the call sign of Tryshchitka (Ratchet) for the ability to accurately direct a weapon to the target and quickly prepare for the next shot. Leonid together with the crew called their tank Invincible as the enemy has never hit its armor for three months of the war. The pro-Russian militants are in horror each time this invincible crew takes firing position, the Defense Ministry statement reads.

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The press service also noted that Leonid, the resident of Dnipropetrovsk region, voluntarily came to the military enlistment office in May and asked to designate him to the tank troops, where he served for two years during the military service.

According to him, the secret of his crew success in the battle is his intuitive knowledge of the enemy location and future actions of the terrorists. Therefore, he is always one step ahead of the enemy.

According to Major Victor Pizentsiali, the detachment deputy commander where the hero tanker serves, the fellow-soldiers call him "the tank destroyer" and respect for operational excellence and willingness to help everyone.

T-64B tank gunner, Sergeant Leonid Suhanskyi really misses his wife, two children and a grandson during short hours of rest. Therefore, he will stand to the end for peace in the country to be restored as soon as possible.

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