Russian Diplomat and Secret Service Agent Acting Under Guise of OSCE Mission in Ukraine. PHOTOPROOF

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InfoResist group registers separate cases bringing up the issue of certain Russian citizens working among the supposedly ‘independent and impersonal’ OSCE observers.

Dmytro Tymchuk of InfoResist wrote, recalling that he provided the list of facts about the 'strange behavior' of the Mission representatives earlier, Censor.NET reports.

"The OSCE monitoring mission representatives visited Sloviansk in June 2014, which was under Girkin terrorists' control at that time, to 'make an impersonal picture of the situation in the city.' This trip was newsworthy opportunity for most Russian media and was covered in details. In particular, a quote of some Victor Likhachev, one of the representatives of the monitoring mission, appeared on the site of RIA Novosti on June 27. He said: "The picture is grim. There are a lot of destructions. The experts see traces of mortar attacks, destroyed homes and infrastructure. I saw Sloviansk a month ago - it was completely different." (http://rian.com.ua/video/20140627/354135497.html.) This video has been removed from the site of RIA Novosti. However, the same episode with Victor Likhachev's comment was also published by LifeNews TV channel (http: //lifenews.ru/news/135684). You can also see this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx4LW_pUBxE. This information was used by the Russian media to illustrate the version that the Ukrainian army was allegedly systematically shelling residential neighborhoods. This was actually untrue. In fact, the destructions in Sloviansk were inflicted by shelling of the terrorists themselves, which is confirmed by numerous facts. The following facts are very interesting: Victor V. Likhachev (who is allegedly an "independent observer") is a Senior Counselor of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine. He was listed in this capacity on the official website of the Embassy. (http://embrus.org.ua/ru/dip_sostav) He WAS listed because this page is blocked since November 14, 2014 (by a strange coincidence, the InfoResist group started to take interest in Likhachev and seek comments from his colleagues at the same time) but it is still present in Google search cache (see screenshot)," Tymchuk wrote.

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"Numerous facts prove Likhachev's Russian Federation Embassy membership. For example, he was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine in May 2013, which protested against incorrect statements of the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Simferopol Vladimir Andreev against Crimean Tatars. Andreev was subsequently recalled by the Russia Federation Foreign Ministry from this post. He also took part in the "The Black Sea between Russia and the EU" round table in 2006. The roundtable materials clearly indicated his status as Senior Counselor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation (the second photo)," the expert states.

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"Russkii Reporter special correspondent Dmitry Velikovsky published an article called "The OSCE Everyday Work" on April 21, 2014 (http://rusrep.ru/article/2014/04/21/osce/). Velikovsky describes his trip together with other journalists and the OSCE mission employees through the districts of Donetsk in this article. According to Velikovsky, they were detained by the militants on one of the checkpoints, who threatened them with violence if they did not erase videos and give the militants memory cards from the camcorders immediately. Velikovsky testifies that in the midst of the conflict, when weapons were pointed at the journalists, one of the mission employees named Victor addressed the terrorists (quote): "Victor looks out of the car. He shows blue passport: My name is Victor Likhachev, I'm Senior Counselor of the Russian Embassy, a diplomat and a Russian." That is, the acting employee of the Russian Embassy simultaneously enjoys all the powers of the OSCE international observer! The representative of the country that annexed part of the Ukrainian territory and unleashed the war, is free to move, to attend military facilities, to collect and transmit information to the enemy. Please, tell me whether you believe that the given 'observer' maintains objectivity? Would he register the armored equipment convoys coming from Russia? Would he paint in true colors the shelling of residential areas by the terrorists and the killing of civilians? Would someone have the heart to call this criticism groundless?" Tymchuk says.

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"I shall specify another fact to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. One of the Ukrainian websites published an article stating that Victor Likhachev is suspected to belong to the Russian special services Aug. 17, 2007. (http://from-ua.com/... / 114010-surovie-trudovie-budni-ili-uvle...) It might well be that not just a diplomat but an agent of Russian special services is working under the OSCE mandate in Ukraine. Is it necessary to comment on how it will affect the credibility of the organization? He is able to reduce to zero all the efforts of the OSCE to demonstrate objectivity by his presence only. I should repeat myself once again. We are for the OSCE Mission to work in the Donbas, for the effective control over the Ukrainian-Russian border to be established with its help. But let's agree that only a very naive person would expect it in this situation," Tymchuk sums up.

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