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 Nobody Delivered Water to Soldiers of Surrounded Checkpoint near Smile Village. Terrorists Destroyed Water Supply Vehicle - Butusov. PHOTO

President Poroshenko's statement that water was delivered to the soldiers at checkpoint 32 is untrue.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov writes this on his Facebook page.

I spoke to three fighters at checkpoint 32 near Bakhmutka. The words of the President that water was allegedly delivered to the troops do not correspond to reality. Nobody delivered water, though there was an attempt to do it," Butusov writes.

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"I cannot understand why Poroshenko makes such statements. It won't help to deceive the militants who cut off the checkpoint. They blocked the road and destroyed the water supply vehilcle, which tryed to pass yesterday. It is an open area, and everything is in sight. Who gives information to Poroshenko? At first he denied that checkpoint 32 was surrounded; later he said that the allegedly surrounded the soldiers were calling from Donetsk. Now he reports on water delivery. Why? What's the point?" he concluded.


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