SBU detained another "DPR" terrorist, Russian recidivist under the nickname “Matros” (Sailor). PHOTOS + VIDEO

SBU Counterintelligence detained another terrorist, a citizen of Russia, who took active part in the hostilities in the Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET with reference to SBU press service, the detained Vladimir V. Radyuk has been a staff mercenary in the 'DPR' terrorist group over the past three months.

According to investigators, the 40-year-old Russian, who had been previously convicted for theft twice, arrived at the training camp in Rostov-on-Don, where Russian military prepare commandos for transfer to Ukraine. The repeated criminal got a call-sign "Matros" (Sailor) and was sent to Donbas. Here Matros was placed as a MANPADS operator and got a submachine gun.

During the arrest of the Russian terrorist, two AKs-74 with ammunition and an identity card of the "People's militia" were seized. During interrogation, the militant testified that while on duty at the terrorists' checkpoints, he observed movement of Russian military equipment in the amount of not less than 200 units, which entered Ukraine through the checkpoint "Izvarino."

террорист матрос

террорист матрос ак-47

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