Fighting near Mariupol: Sounds of Volleys Around the City, Locals Are Hiding in Cellars. PHOTO

Sounds of cannon fire again are heard in Mariupol since noon.

This was reported by local residents, Censor.NET informs with reference to 0629.

Sounds volleys strongly heard in Ilichevck town. Residents of Talakivka village reported about a black smoke in the sky. "Walls of the houses are shaking stronger than it was during the previous attacks, we are forced to hide in basements," the villagers say.
According to the military, there is a fighting near one of the checkpoints in the village of Talakivka. Heavy artillery is used.


There is also evidence that a checkpoint in the Shidnyi (East) neighborhood was fire at.

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According to the HQ of the territorial defense of Mariupol, as of 1 pm, checkpoints in the villages of Talakivka, Sartana and in the Shidnyi neighborhood. Local residents reported about a shelling of the city with Grads, but the headquarters confirm only mortar attacks.

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