Another evidence of the Pskov airborne convoy invasion into Ukraine. PHOTOS

Another evidence of August invasion of a Russian paratroopers group appeared online.

Censor.NET reports citing blogger Anton Pavlushko.

In mid-August, a convoy of Russian paratroopers was photographed near the checkpoint Izvaryne, some 100-200 meters away from the customs. All vehicles were facing the Ukrainian border in a long convoy. This should have been enough evidence of the Russian show of intent.

Russian officials, however, mostly ignored the report, even though the photographs were published in Russian online publication RBK:


террористы оккупанты

RBK published photos showing Izvaryne and a sign "Customs zone" in the background.

Here is the same convoy from a different angle, commented by many supporters of Russian aggression.


The footage was provided by the Associated Press. You can see a convoy of airborne armored vehicles with no country identification. Officers are dressed in what looks like Russian uniforms, however Russian supporters will state these are rebels.

We can prove these are indeed Russian military. The pictures show one vehicle with a number 105 on the side:


Here is a social media page of a private Konstantin Bozhko, a 29-year-old paratrooper from Pskov: https://vk.com/id155954881

террористы оккупанты

Here are his most recent photographs:


террористы оккупанты

Private Bozhko is pictured in Izvaryne in the very vehicle with a "105" on it. One can see the same fence, buildings, and part of the Customs zone sign.

Private Bozhko's social media page contains a typical set of photographs: celebration of Paratrooper Day holiday, on top of the German tank with his friends, him and his friends in the middle of a field. Here is his photograph in that very vehicle marked "105", with the Izvaryne check point on the background taken by the AP reporter.


Original photo can be found here:

Therefore, the AP photos most likely depict Pskov paratroopers waiting to enter into Ukraine through Izvaryne check point around Aug. 14-15.

Links to images in case the profile is deleted:

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p304742