Terrorists trained by the Main Intelligence Directory of Russian Federation near Ukrainian border are in close collaboration with Russian army. PHOTOS

This report presents undeniable facts of close interaction between Russian terrorists (mercenaries) and regular forces of the Russian army in the direct vicinity of the Ukrainian border.

It also presents another proof of Russia being a sponsor of international terrorism, organizing training camps for militants on its territory, supplying them with guns and equipment, and also supporting armed gang formations by strengthening them with manpower from the regular forces of Russian army, Censor.NET reports with reference to Informnapalm.

террористы оккупанты

Meet Yuriy Butyatov, 44, coming from far-eastern part of Russia, Vladivostok city, apparently a former military officer.

террористы оккупанты

Some of these pictures, uploaded Sept. 21, 2014, show Russian military field camp of the invading forces in Myasnitsky district of the Rostov region. Here Russian military equipment stands along with handicraft machines belonging to the alleged terrorists. In the same pictures the terrorists themselves together with Russian soldiers pose in front of these cars, lacking license plates.

Watch more: Russian and Terrorists Fire from Residential Areas during Ceasefire. VIDEO

террористы оккупанты

A couple more photos uploaded on Sept. 24, 2014, show Vintorez rifles commonly used by Russian army. These photos were taken in the vicinity of the Molkino village near Krasnodar, where the 10th brigade of the Special Forces of the Main Intelligence Directory is deployed.
террористы оккупанты

These data are extremely suggestive, indicating that terrorists trained at the Main Intelligence Directory camps act on the Ukrainian territory in close collaboration with the Russian army. While the Kremlin officials are denying these facts and trying to convince the world that the war against Ukraine at the Donbas is waged by the local "rebels", the actual "rebels" coming from distant parts of Russian Federation and soldiers of the Russian regular army forces happily boast about their involvement in Ukrainian conflict in social networks, thus, contradicting and providing proofs against the official line of Moscow's rhetoric.

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- Facts about riffles used by the Russian army that have been repeatedly spotted in possession of the Donbas terrorists (3rd picture of the post on Facebook)

- Picture with Hubarev, one of the terrorists' leaders, is deemed blessed for Russians. This has been noted earlier; see the 4h image from this post. террористы оккупанты

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