SBU Arrests Subversive Terrorist Group in Mariupol. PHOTOS

SBU counterintelligence together with volunteer police units and the National Guard arrested a criminal group involved in bombings and killings of civilians in Mariupol.

It is reported by Censor.NET with reference to the press service of the SBU.

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Leader of the gang nickname Lys (Fox) and his three accomplices were members of the Vostok (East) subversive group and planned to carry out a series of terrorist attacks. The militants have undergone special training in Russia, took part in the fighting against the Ukrainian army and, in particular, fought on the side of the terrorist organization "Donetsk People's Republic" at the time of Mariupol capture in May. Then they were engaged in looting and killings of local entrepreneurs whose property and money they have taken away.

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The members of the gang repeatedly traveled to the DPR headquarters and to Russia, where they received instructions, weapons and explosives. During the search, the police seized a detailed topographic map of Mariupol, RPG-26 grenade launchers, the latest Russia made sniper rifle, 7 AKs, RGD-5 grenades, as well as a large number of stun grenades, flares and a radio.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against "Fox" and his fellow terrorists for creating a terrorist group. If convicted they are facing a term of 8 to 15 years.

сбу мариуполь задержание террористы

сбу мариуполь задержание террористы

сбу мариуполь задержание террористы

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