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 Russian Servicemen from Pskov Documented His Crimes in Ukraine. PHOTOS

There is a new proof of the fact that Russian troops are fighting in Ukraine.

Blogger Anton Pavlushko writes this, Censor.NET reports.

"It had to come to the surface sooner or later. The murderers return home and begin to post evidences of their atrocities in Ukraine. Here is 23-year-old Vadim Khoma from Pskov. He has recently returned from Ukraine, reporting about this to his readers: "I'm home !!!)," Pavlushko writes.


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It may well be that "Vadim Khoma" is just a nickname, because his login on VKontakte is "dmirsaev" - D. Mirsaev or D. Mirzaev. The profile is obviously not new - the records have been actively made since 2013.


Homa/Mirzaev haven't been home a long time and decided to post all his photos with comments all at once. Apparently, he has an iPhone judging of a flipped small resolution pictures.

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The first two photos are from the Russian Donetsk. This equipment is ready to enter Ukraine any minute:


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Then there are pictures from Ukraine that are signed: "the same place near Dovzhanskyi":


Moving on from the Dovzhanskyi checkpoint to the Sverdlovsk district, Ukraine:

"near Dovzhanskyi! Luhansk and Donetsk then!! And then RUSSIA !!":

https://pp.vk.me/c625130/v625130317/36cf/OZGr961peJQ.jpgармия рф

Savur-Mohyla "A gift from the Ukrs (Ukrainians)!! Not far from Savur-Mohyla":


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The same locality "the guys from Chechnya :)))":


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Here's more: the town captured from Ukrainian 28th Separate Rifle Brigade is on the background "I took a picture long ago, but got connected only now :)))"


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Somewhere near Shakhtarsk, "the guys from the Pivnichnyi checkpoint"
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Then comes a photo of a killed Ukrainian soldier with the following comment: "this is militia's work, then we pulled up. Totally 35 Ukrs were killed and three captured, in short it is Rus people's job, Why the hell are we fighting ??? !!"

"I haven't attached the photo because it is too realistic," the Ukrainian blogger writes.

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Here is Homa/Mirzaev's APC with the side number 432 and the comment: "I recall that we stuck there and the Ukrs were following us, Rusia [the name of his APC - Ed.] turned the tower and started to fire in their direction. We were firing at each other for 10 minutes until the Ukrs moved away), although a couple of shots hit the triplex"


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Just somewhere in the Lutuhyne area in Ukraine:


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And now the Stanytsia-Luhanska area, "that's what we are taking with us to use against the Ukrs :))"


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"I have attached the screenshots of his photos and account in VKontakte, so that no one said it is fake account and the author has falsified everything.

That is just the hero from Pskov, either Khoma or Mirzaev," the blogger writes.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p303750