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 Russian Army Uses Urahan MLRSs Against Ukrainian Troops. PHOTO

The Russian troops widely use multiple launch rocket systems against the Ukrainian Army.

Military expert Yurii Butusov writes about it on his page, Censor.NET reports.


"I once again must say some words about the weapons of the Russian troops, whom many seemingly sane western people call with a decent word "rebels". This heavy 220 mm caliber missile was launched from an MLRS Urahan (the hurricane). The Russian mercenaries were not reported to capture any launch vehicle of this type. There were no photos or videos proving it. But these missiles are used against the Ukrainian troops en masse. A rocket weighing up to 150 kilograms smashes into smithereens any field protective construction," the journalist writes.

According to him, the nearby people were very lucky: "if the God's hand had not stuck a fuse, then this place would have become a crater with a diameter of 15 meters at least. And if it had been a missile with thermobaric charge, which is widely used in large quantities against Ukrainian towns and villages, there would have been scorched earth 100 meter around. Everybody understands - the Urahans can be used only by professionally trained personnel," the journalist said.

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The eyewitness who is on the photo says: "I will never forget this command vehicle. The missile 9K57 from a multiple launch rocket system Urahan has not yet been defused, just in case. It was scary (And the life goes on around the place. The fence, which you can see on the background, is on a farm of a local entrepreneur. A beautiful church stands three hundred meters away from this place without any damage. The farm was also unharmed, by the way, and operates as usual (All this facts proves that the spotter was local and guided the shelling right at the camp).

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