200th special purpose separate motor rifle brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy is at war in Ukraine. PHOTOS

Another material evidence of the Russian regular troops’ presence in Ukraine appeared online.

Censor.NET reports citing activist and blogger Iraklii Komakhidze.

"I continue to unmask divisions of the Russian Army and of the Russian Navy which are part of the invasion forces and were discovered both in Ukraine and in Russian regions bordering the Donbas. This time it is the 200th special purpose separate motor rifle brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy, based in Pechenga, the Murmansk region, military unit 08275.

"This Brigade is temporarily dislocated in the Kamensky district of the Rostov region. The information has been confirmed by photos with landmarks from a social network account of one of the soldiers of the brigade, Zhenia.

"Let's take a closer look at this military unit 08275, the 200th Special Purpose Separate Motor Rifle Brigade, based in three villages now: Pechenga, V. Luostari, N. Luostari. The brigade's commander officer is Oleg Tsekov. The brigade consists of three motor rifle battalions, a tank battalion, military intelligence and sniper divisions, three artillery divisions (howitzer, jet, and anti-tank), two anti-aircraft divisions (anti-aircraft missile and anti-aircraft artillery), and provision divisions.

"Looks like the brigade's area of responsibility is Scandinavia and North of the Arctic Circle. Apparently, Russians have difficulties in Ukraine so that they had to redeploy their troops from Siberia ( https://www.facebook.com/irakli.komaxidze/posts/653416374771612 ) and the Murmansk region.

"The 200th Brigade has already fallen into disrepute after releasing images of abuse and humiliation within its soldiers. It wasn't the first time when the 200th Special Purpose Separate Motor Rifle Brigade happened to be in a scandal; there were two cases in 2010 involving fights and killings," the blogger wrote.

россия армия рф

россия армия рф

Photo1- solders of the 200th Brigade near Ukraine's border
россия армия рф
Photo 2- area location

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россия армия рф

Photo 3 - Zhenia's profile

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