Death notices continue to arrive to Russian families: cargo-200 was received in Pskov, Ulyanovsk and Tula. PHOTOS

Russian soldiers continue to die in Ukraine - their wives received several death notices from the Ukrainian Donbas in September.

Those who were still alive yesterday and were happy to be at real war in the Donbas now are accepting friends' sympathies in VKontakte social network.

Journalists have reconstructed stories of four soldiers who had died in the Donbas: paratroopers of the 106th guards airborne division from Tula, the 31st separate air assault brigade from Ulyanovsk, the 76th military forces brigade from Pskov, Censor.NET reports citing Podrobnosti.

Content analysis of Russian pages in VKontakte shows that three or four dozens of their comrades haven't got in touch with friends or relatives for more than three weeks.

Tula division

Artem Yakovlev, 22-year commando from town of Poltavka near Omsk served in the 106th guards' airborne division in Tula.

армия смерть рф груз-200

In August 2014 he went to the border of Ukraine in the Rostov region. He has a photo against an UAZ truck with a trident.

His unit crossed the border on Aug. 11-12, just when Tula commandos appeared in the Luhansk region. He went missing on Aug. 18, and since then his page in VKontakte has not been updated. When and how the young man was returned to his parents is not known, but the exact date of the funeral is the Sept. 4.

By official version, Artem Yakovlev died during military training near the border of Ukraine. Artem's relatives and friends in Poltavka well believe this version and blame Ukrainian people, not their own state, in the guy's death. They do not even allow that the paratrooper could have been killed in the Ukrainian Donbas.

"Who needs you there to go and attack you? You yourselves run to Russia like rats. Weeping that you are being bombed... Too little bombing, as I see!" one of the paratrooper's friends, Elena Glemba, posted online.

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армия смерть рф груз-200
Yakovlev (on the right) before dispatching to Ukraine
армия смерть рф груз-200

Train to the frontline

Ulyanovsk brigade

Battalion commander of the 31st separate air assault brigade from Ulyanovsk Sergey Klimov was mobilized as a commander and sent to fight in Ukraine. He didn't write a lot about his military trip to the front in VKontakte, but it is known that many of his comrades died near Heorhiivka in the Luhansk region.

Nobody knows exactly whether Sergey was there or not, but he hasn't got in touch since Aug. 17.

армия смерть рф груз-200

Sergey Klimov was a battalion commander

Messages of his friends show that Sergey came back to Russia with grave wounds. On Sept. 3 Sergey's friend Pavel Martynov posted "Get well soon!" But next day the wishing was changed into condolences.

армия рф груз-200

A photo from Klimov's support group

Sergey was 25. In memory of the killed commander his friends formed a group "Imperishable memory of Sergey Klimov" and all used Sergey's photo as their profile pictures.

армия смерть рф груз-200

Commander's friends hoped that he would survive

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Commandos from Pskov

A commando from Pskov Alexander Baranov lived in Velikiye Luki, the Pskov region. He served as a reconnoiter.

армия смерть рф груз-200

Baranov in April 2014, shortly before leaving for Ukraine.

He left for Ukraine in May, went missing in the middle of August. His VKontakte page has many army photos, patriotic posters, and photos of cherished Putin.

армия смерть рф груз-200

Alexander was proud of his service and his country.

Baranov's last VKontakte status read "I'm OK, so leave me alone" was written on July 9. The commando is survived by his wife Dasha.

армия смерть рф груз-200

But his Pskov comrade Maxim Mezentsev left behind his little daughter and wife Maria, who told about husband's death in the network.

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армия смерть рф груз-200

Maria Mezentseva deleted her husband's page on the very day she learned about his death. She received the death notice on Sept. 3, just like many other wives of the killed commandos.

"You're gone. I still can't accept it. You have to know that you will always be in our hearts, the most beloved and the only one!" Maria Mezentseva wrote.

She could not believe in her husband's death for she waited for him to come back home on Aug. 29.

армия смерть рф груз-200

Maxim Mezentsev (on the left) on the border with Ukraine

"My dear, we are waiting for you and love you so much. I miss you so much! We hope to see you safe and well," she wrote in VKontakte.

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