Cargo-200 Delivered to Russian Kataysk: 21-Year-Old Paratrooper Killed in Donbas. PHOTO

Another tragic news came to the Urals from Ukraine, this time to the city Kataysk in the Kurgan region. The military recruitment office and then the relatives received a death notice regarding 21-year-old Vyacheslav Kovalev, who served under contract and was killed during the fighting in the territory of Ukraine.

This was told by the friends of the deceased to Znak.com, Censor.NET reports. His funeral will be held tomorrow, September 9, in the village of Shutino of the Kataysk district where Vyacheslav was born.

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"He was a wonderful man, a good son and a loyal friend. He never hurt anyone for no reason and could always be relied upon," one of his friends said. Another said: "I've known him for a long time, since we studied in the same school. He was a happy, cheerful guy. He was always ready to stand up for his friends, there are few people like that in our time. He dreamed to dedicate all his life to the service. "

Vyacheslav Kovalev, according to his friends, served under contract in the 31st separate Guards Airborne Brigade in Ulyanovsk. His friends say it is not known how he got to the territory of Ukraine. "According to his fellow soldiers who survived, I only know that they were gathered and told they are going for a trip to a training exercise. But in the end this is how things turned out," a friend said.

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The tragic event, according to interviewees, occurred on 30 August. "They were riding in a military vehicle and were hit by a mortar; he died of his wounds," one of Vyacheslav's friends says.

It is unclear how many people died altogether. "I only know that there are many of them left there," one of Kovalev's friends notes. He also believes that the soldiers did not know what they would be sent to Ukraine: "I do not think that young guys would voluntarily go there, knowing that there is war going on and our troops cannot get involved in this conflict ..."

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